Russian Historical Society

The Association “Russian Historical Society” is a Russian scientific public organization founded on June 20, 2012, declaring its secession from the Imperial Russian Historical Society that existed in the Russian Empire from 1866-1917.

According to the charter, the goal of the Association is “to unite the efforts of society, the state, scientists and artists to form an all-Russian historical culture based on an objective study, coverage and popularization of domestic and world history, the preservation of national memory, and the preservation of cultural heritage sites.” When the society was created, its main task was called “the development of national historical enlightenment.”

The Russian Historical Society is in the architectural monument of federal significance, “Urban estate, XVIII-XIX centuries,” on the Vorontsov field in Moscow.

A small classical Manor – the main house, two outbuildings and a garden – has been preserved since the end of the 18th century. Built per the explicit requirements of the aesthetics of classicism that dominated the city’s architectural culture at the end of the 18th century, the estate stands strictly along the red lines of the streets – at the intersection of Vorontsov Field and Podsosensky Lane.

Over the years, the estate belonged to the merchants S. A. Tatarinov and P. A. Syreyshchikov, whose name is well known to bibliophiles and, since 1823 – to the Rakhmanov dynasty. The merchants Rakhmanovs were major benefactors who had helped the townspeople since the second half of the 18th century.

Address: Vorontsovo Pole street, 13, building 1, Moscow.

Nearest metro: Kurskaya.

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