Russian carriage of Nikita Romanov

Russian carriage of Nikita Ivanovich Romanov

Nikita Ivanovich Romanov (Russian Никита Иванович Романов) (c. 1607 – December 21, 1654) was a first cousin of Tsar Michael of Russia. His cousin Michael became the first Romanov Tsar of Russia by election in 1613. Nikita (and his father) were the nearest kin of the Tsar, but also the last members of the Romanov family who were not royal.

Made in Moscow (Russia)

Year of production: 1640

Materials: oak, birch, velvet, mica, carving, gilding

Belonged to the boyar Nikita Ivanovich Romanov

Armoury Chamber (KremlinMoscow)

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