Richmond J “Picnic Car” (Malaga museum, Spain). This is a typical American car. Very common among higher-class families. It was used on Sundays for their rides in the southern countryside.

Made in USA in 1909

Two copies issued

Motor: 4 cylinders; 5200 cc

Power: 22 hp

Two Brass era automobiles named Richmond were produced in Richmond, Indiana. A Steam car was made by the Richmond Automobile Company in 1902 and 1903. The Wayne Works produced the Richmond automobile from 1904 to 1917.

The Richmond steam car engine was claimed to be simple and the most compact steam vehicle engine on the market.

The two-cylinder engine had a 2.5″ bore and 3.5″ stroke and weighed just 46 pounds. This engine produced its maximum 6 horsepower at 960 rpm. The engine was believed to have been designed by Isham Sedgwick and the steam car was developed by R. L. Sackett. Just the engine was manufactured in 1901, with production of the entire car commencing the following year. The Richmond was a chain-driven dos-a-dos four-seater.

By 1903, Richmond Automobile Company ended automobile production, though it is believed that engine production continued past this date.

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