The reservoir of La Cuerda del Pozo and its tourist activities

The reservoir of La Cuerda del Pozo (Embalse de Cuerda del Pozo) is a reservoir built on the course of the Duero river that is located in the municipality of Vinuesa, in the province of Soria, autonomous community of Castile and León, Spain. It is, together with Los Rábanos, one of the two that regulate the Duero river at its head.

The construction of the reservoir was approved in 1923. After the end of the Civil War, republican political prisoners were used as slave labor (at least 189 prisoners from concentration camps in Zaragoza participated in the works), ending its construction in 1941 and being inaugurated on September 9 of that same year.

It is also known as the La Muedra reservoir, the name of the town that was located in the valley and was flooded by the reservoir. You can still see the church tower in the center of the reservoir.

Its surroundings are ideal for practicing numerous sports, including water sports, which have their maximum expression in the area called Playa Pita, the official beach of Soria.

Windsurfing, sailing and fishing are some of the tourist activities that this reservoir allows, which has a very low dam in relation to the amount of water it stores.

Indeed, the La Cuerda del Pozo dam is 36 meters high and 425 meters long. However, its reservoir capacity, with 249 million cubic meters, places it among the six largest of all those that the State has built in this hydrographic basin.

This reservoir regulates the Duero, supplies drinking water to Soria and partially to Valladolid, and serves to irrigate 26,000 hectares up to its confluence with the Pisuerga River.

GPS coordinates: 41°52′33″N 2°42′15″W

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