Renfe S-448 (444.500)

S-448 (9-448-006-7). Barcelona-Sants railway station

The trains that made up the 444,500 subseries constituted the third generation of Renfe electric trains and introduced a significant improvement over the previous series (432 and 444) and allowed the extension of a new long-distance daytime service product, the Intercity trains, characterized by several frequencies and high speeds.

Functionally they are identical and present small differences in appearance inside (cafeteria) and outside (end walls). Starting in 1992, the trains of the 444,500 subseries began to be called 448.

As a consequence of the entry into service of the Euromed, Alaris and Talgo 7 branches, starting in 1999, the trains of this series were progressively transferred from long-distance products to medium-distance ones, becoming the center of their activity in the Catalonia area (Spain).

S-448 (8-448-031-5). Lleida-Pirineus railway station

From a technical point of view, the 448 does not present any differences in relation to the original 444,500, so that the modernization started in 2001 to definitively adapt it to Medium Distance traffic, has consisted of a new interior design, with new seats and upholstery, floors and paneling of the walls and, in addition, the incorporation of spaces for people with reduced mobility, bicycle racks and improvements in the toilets.

Development: Material y Construcciones S.A. (Albuixech, Valencia)

Assembly: Construcciones y Auxiliar de Ferrocarriles (Beasáin, Basque country)

Production: 32 items

Length: 78 m

Capacity: 238 passengers

Track gauge: Iberian (1,668 mm)

Continual power: 1160 kW

Power: 1577 HP

Max speed: 150 km/h

Weight: 151 t

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