Renfe Series 446

The Renfe S-446, together with the Renfe S-447 and the Civia trains, are a group of electric units designed to offer effective commuter services. Its design began to be planned in the early 1980s and materialized in the prototype of the 445 series when the commuter service began to gain great prominence in cities like Madrid and the units that were offering these services, mainly units of the series 440, were beginning to be insufficient. Since an exclusive train was going to be designed to offer these services, it was decided to provide them with the needs required for this service, a service with multiple stops over short distances and a large movement of passengers. In this way they were given a great acceleration capacity, penalizing the maximum speed.

Of the 170 units delivered, 12 were set aside or decommissioned, including those affected in the attacks of March 11, 2004, although some of them returned to service.

Currently they only provide service in some areas of Spain: these units can be found circulating in the centers of Madrid, Segovia, Seville, Córdoba, San Sebastián, and Bilbao, usually running their services on lines in which the distance between stations is 1-2 kilometers or even less, this being one of the reasons why the 446 units stopped circulating in the centers of Barcelona, Santander and Valencia (commuter networks where the stations are more frequently separated, so that the 447 and Civias are a more appropriate material for these cities).

Development: CAF, MACOSA, MTM and CENEMESA (Spain)

Years of production: 1989—1993

Production: 170 items

Length: 75,993 mm

Width: 2,940 mm

Height: 4,185 mm

Capacity: 759 passengers (240 seats)

Track gauge: Iberian (1,668 mm)

Engine: 4× GEE 326 A2

Continual power: 2400 kW

Max speed: 100 km/h

Weight: 166 t

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