Renfe Class 450/451

The Renfe series 450 and 451 is a set of 60 double-decker cars acquired in March 1988 from GEC-Alsthom with the aim of using them on lines for the mass transportation of passengers on lines with short and medium distances between stations.

On July 9, 1990, the operation of these 60 cars began (48 intermediate trailers and 12 trailers with a cabin) with which 12 compositions were formed, whose traction was ensured by 15 electric locomotives of the 269-200 series that were decorated with the colors of Cercanías (red and white). Each composition was made up of four trailer cars, a trailer with a cabin and a locomotive, forming a Rc+R+R+R+R+Loc composition (Push-pull train).


In June 1991, given the good results obtained by these units and the problems of lack of reliability and performance of the 269-200 series, Renfe decided to acquire 30 double-decker locomotives to replace the locomotives. In the same year, the purchase of 15 complete units of the 450 series was also signed.

This new material, together with that acquired in 1988, allowed the final park to be configured in 1994:

  • 24 series 450 trains, consisting of two power heads and four intermediate trailers.
  • 12 trains of the 451 series, (short compositions) consisting of a motor vehicle, a trailer and a trailer with a cabin.

The 450 series circulates on the Madrid and Barcelona commuter networks while the 451 does so only on Barcelona’s commuter networks (lines R2Sud and R2).

Due to the attacks of March 11, 2004, which took place in Madrid’s Cercanías, 2 cars were destroyed and had to be decommissioned, which is why two UT-450s only have five cars. In commercial operation, 2 compositions of the same or different series can be coupled and circulate in multiple control.

In March 2021, 211 new trains from Stadler​ and Alstom were awarded to replace the trains of the series 450, 451, 447 (first batch and with the exception of the trains converted to regional PMR) and 446 from 2025. In said period , it is likely that Renfe 450/451 units will be withdrawn or assigned to perform Medium Distance services.

As of November 2021, unit 450-007 of Branch 4 has been decommissioned and set aside in La Sagra.

Manufacturer: Alstom and CAF

Years of production: 1988—1995

Production: 36 units

Length: 159,400 mm

Width: 2920 mm

Height: 4300 mm

Track gauge: 1668 mm

Passenger capacity (6 railcars): 1844 (1044 seats)

Continuous power: 367 kW

Tension: 3 kV (DC)

Max speed: 140 km/h

Weight: 350.8 t

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