According to new requirements for engineering of building construction in Andorra 40% of hot water must be produced by renewable energy sources

renewable source of energy-andorraAccording to new requirements for engineering of building construction in Andorra 40% of hot water must be produced by renewable energy sources, – it is told in Regulations of standards of architectural construction of “The White book of energy” of Andorra.

“The White Book of energy” of Andorra – a state program of development of power industry according to new environmental standards. It is based on 3 main principles: energy efficiency, maximum use of renewable energy sources and operation of electric vehicles.

As for new standards of energy efficiency of building construction, the changes concern old fund, in particular, increase of the sizes of thermal insulation up to 35 cm. The exception will be made only for the first floors of buildings not to limit the sizes of nearest sidewalks.

Construction of new building fund must be also conducted taking into account new standards including drainage systems. The new concept assumes the maximum possible reuse of rain water including on heating systems of houses. Besides, use of asbestos and materials from asbestos is forbidden now.

Changes also concerned system of obtaining the state and municipal permissions to use technologies of generation of the electric power from renewable sources.

As for development of electric transport in Andorra, changes in the town-planning concept concerned new standards of placement of systems of charging of electric cars on underground parkings of new building fund. Besides, new standards of number of such chargers on 100 places on public city parkings are developed.

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