Renault Vivasport Roadster Spider from 1935

Renault Vivasport Roadster Spider from 1935 with 6 cylinders, 3000 cc, 80 HP. Max. speed: 120 km/h

The Renault Vivasport was a 6-cylinder engined executive automobile introduced by Renault in September 1933 and produced till April 1935. A larger engined version was produced between December 1934 and February 1938. As with many Renaults during the 1930s, type changes as well as small often cosmetic facelifts and upgrades appeared frequently.

The Vivasport presented at the 27th Paris Motor Show was powered by a 3,620 cc side-valve 6-cylinder engine that placed it in the 21CV car tax band and provided for a claimed a maximum 80hp of power at 3,000 rpm. It sat on a 2,950 mm (116.1 in) wheelbase and came with a choice of stylish mostly sedan/saloon style bodies which were identified by Renault with various eye-catching descriptions most of which included the word “aérodynamique”.

The manufacturer’s listed prices in October 1933 ranged from 35,000 francs for the “Berline aérodynamique” with four doors and four side windows to 40,400 francs for the rather stylish 5-seater 2-door convertible “Coach décapotable”.

Although Renault competed with Peugeot and Citroën with their smaller cars, this far up the chain competition came from more exclusive auto-makers, and it becomes harder to identify direct competitors for the 21CV Renault Vivasport. Delage models in and around this car tax band came with eight cylinder engines and much higher prices.

At the 1933 Motor Show Hotchkiss were promoting their newly updated “Type 620” which was powered by a 3,500 cc 20CV 6-cylinder overhead valve engine and which was priced by Hotchkiss at 40,000 francs in bare chassis form, with an extensive range of coach-built bodies approved by the manufacturer also listed. Of these the least expensive “Berline” (saloon/sedan) bodied offering, the Hotchkiss “Type 620 Normal Berline Caubourg” was listed at 49,800 francs.

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