Renault Type AG-1: taxi de la Marne. Made in 1906. 1.2 l (8 hp). Moscow transport museum

The Renault Type AG/Type AG-1 are vehicles manufactured by the French manufacturer Renault. The majority of the famous taxis of Marne were of this type.


Height: 2.20m
Width: 1.60m
Length: 3.70m
Weight: 1100kg
Twin-cylinder engine – 1,205 cc – 8 hp (9 hp in 1910)

Marne taxi

On September 6, 1914, German troops, coming from the Ardennes, passed Château-Thierry and, from Meaux, threatened the capital. Of the 10,000 taxis in service in Paris, only 3,000 are still in circulation, most of the drivers having been mobilized. About 1,100 cars, mainly Renault, went to the front at the call of General Gallieni – defender of the Paris square – conveying more than 6,000 officers and soldiers.

Compare with 1910 open model 

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