Renault Freres Tonneau Type D from 1901 (four places)

Renault Freres Tonneau from 1901 (four places),  1 cylinder motor from De Dion-Bouton, 4 HP, three speeds, 40 km/h

The Renault Type D is an automobile from the automobile manufacturer Renault, designed by Louis Renault in 1901.

In 1901 Louis Renault and his brothers, designed and marketed changes to their Renault Type B and Renault Type C of 1900, with this Renault Type D, as well as the Renault Type E for motor racing.

The Type D is the brand’s first car to be fitted with a steering wheel. Derived from the Type C, with, like all the brand’s first Renaults, a 1-cylinder De Dion-Bouton engine, pushed to four horsepower for a top speed of 40 km/h, with side cooling radiators.

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