Renault BZ from 1909, 2410 cc, 12 HP, max. speed 60 km/h

The Renault Type BZ was an early passenger car model from Renault. It was also called 12/16 CV.

The national licensing authority granted its approval on December 28, 1909. The Renault Type AZ was the predecessor. At the end of 1910, the Renault Type CB replaced the model.

A water-cooled four-cylinder engine with a bore of 80 mm and a stroke of 120 mm produced 11 to 12 hp from a displacement of 2413 cm³. The engine power was transmitted to the rear axle via a cardan shaft. The maximum speed was specified as 38 km/h to 60 km/h.

You could choose between a normal and a lower but longer chassis. A wheelbase of 272 cm allowed a vehicle length of 386 cm and a wheelbase of 294.3 cm allowed a vehicle length of 405 cm. The track width of 134 cm and the vehicle width of 161 cm were identical.

Another source states a wheelbase of either 272 cm or 295 cm, length 380 cm or 405 cm and width 160 cm. The turning circle was given as 10 meters. The chassis weighed 750 kg, the complete vehicle 1400 kg.

You could choose between double phaeton, torpedo, limousine and landaulet. The price of a chassis was between 9100 and 9600 francs.

Christie’s auction house auctioned a 1910 Landaulet on June 30, 2005 for £47,000. On June 21, 2009, a 1910 sedan was offered at an auction in Monaco. The estimated price was between 40,000 and 60,000 euros.

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