Renault AG1 from 1910 with two cylinders (2402 cc). Chassis from Taxi de la Marne. Max. speed: 60 km/h

The Renault Type AG/Type AG-1 are vehicles manufactured by the French manufacturer Renault. The majority of the famous taxis of the Marne were of this type.

In 1904, the Société Française d’Etudes et d’Entreprises took an interest in the car carriage market. Comparative tests took place in Paris for nearly a year, finally giving “the palm” to the Renault type AG model – eight HP, two cylinders, which earned it the nickname “two legs”.

The tests probably took place on 1905 with type UA2 models equipped with an engine greater than 10 HP. The speed limit of 40 km/h at the time (due to horse-drawn traffic), tilted the choice of motorization in favor of the 8 hp, which was more profitable and more than sufficient.

Height: 2.20m
Width: 1.60m
Length: 3.70m
Weight: 1100kg
Twin-cylinder engine – 1,205 cc – 8 hp (9 hp in 1910)

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