Reichenbach cascade waterfall

Reichenbach cascade waterfall is the Alpine landmark, made history by Arthur Conan Doyle and his legendary hero – Sherlock Holmes. It is in this place of the Bernese Oberland that the talented detective and evil professor Moriarty break off in the “Holmes’s Last Affair” work. The story goes that Conan Doyle was so impressed with the beauty and power of the flowing stream of the Aare River that he decided to say goodbye to the annoying detective hero here.

They consider the miracle of nature recognized as one of the most impressive waterfalls in Europe together with the Aare river. The Reichenbach landmark is a combination of five powerful water streams, flying rapidly down, and you can only see it fully if you climbed to the very top of the viewing route.

The waterfall lower stream is a 15 minute walk from the village, the path going up begins here.

Getting to the highest observation deck, tourists can see not only a stunning spectacle of tons of water flowing downward but also to the gorge, the beautiful Hasli valley, as well as the famous alpine meadows.

You need to use a small dilly departing from the funicular station in order to get to the upper Reichenbach Falls. There is also a hiking trail, its length is about 3.5 km uphill, but a trained, experienced traveler only can overcome it. Novices are not recommended to swipe on a steep path, the road to the waterfall may be blurred and impassable for the amateur.

Beautiful views and ancient transport connoisseurs are invited to opt for the funicular built in 1899. You can make a fascinating seven-minute trip in the dilly to a height of 244 meters, to the very heart of the waterfall. The funicular charm is that a small trip runs through picturesque places. You will see the Hasli Valley and how the waterfall upper stream of the crosses with the lower one during the ascent. You can’t see this from other viewing platforms.

The retro dilly operates from May to October only, the ticket price is 7 francs one way, and 10 francs both ways.

Coordinates: 46°42′49″N 8°10′59″E

There is another attraction connected with the Aare River near the waterfall – Aare Gorge.

Nearest big city – Lucerne

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