REFESA Group: leading the way towards a sustainable future through REcycling of REwaste

REFESA Group is a leader in the REcycling and REwaste management sector of Andorra. Two renowned companies form the company: LSR Logística and Services of Recycling and REFESA Recuperacions Fèrriques. These two key players work together to provide quality services and protect the environment.

With a focus on sustainability and the circular economy, REFESA Group has a comprehensive collection, transport and storage service for both recyclable and non-recyclable waste and manages materials such as metals, scrap metal, batteries, fire extinguishers, wood, plastics, glass, fluorescent lights and waste from mechanical workshops, among others. This process aims to minimize the environmental impact of waste and maximize its value as a resource.

One of the specializations of REFESA Group is construction waste management. The company recycles the rubble materials at its sorting plant in Aixovall to give them a new useful life. They have big bags and the rental service of containers from 1 m3 to 11 m3 and 30 m3 for efficiently managing construction and bulky waste.

REFESA Group is registered in the Register of Companies with Asbestos Risk (RERA). It has all the necessary authorizations for transporting, storing and exporting waste containing asbestos fibers and specialized personnel for the safe management of hazardous waste.

REFESA Group offers a comprehensive solution for the recycling and management of all types of waste, minimizing the environmental impact and optimizing resources”.

REduce, REuse, REcycle, REcover and REthink are essential to REduce the planet’s pollution.

For this reason, REFESA Group has in its two factories a decontamination center for vehicle waste at the end of its life (VFU), which allows removing all liquids and hazardous waste before pressing the vehicle and transporting it to its final destination, where the scrap metal receives a new use, and dangerous by-products that cannot have a second life are safely disposed of.

Vehicle parts that can have a second life are sold as second-hand spare parts to promote sustainability. It helps to save money without losing quality since they are original parts.

REFESA Group is the only company authorized in Andorra (Pyrenees) to treat damaged, obsolete or disused Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) to generate new raw materials, which enables the reuse of some components to construct new devices, demonstrating a clear example of the circular economy.

REFESA Group contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through sustainable practices and promoting the circular economy.”

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