Red wine (140 liters) for 3500 servings of escudella provides Sant Antoni celebrating on 17th, January, Andorra

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escudella sant antony 2017Andorra celebrates Sant Antoni by preparing 3500 national dish servings on 17th, January. 14 restaurants in the historic center of the city will take part in this gastronomic tradition and offer complete meal with , tea and coffee (symbolic price).

The event starts at Guillemó place, at 13.00. This year Andorra celebrates holiday for the 48th time. The ingredients for 3500 servings of escudella: 120 kg of sausages, 60 kg of , 50 kg of chicken meat, 100 kg of , 200 kg of potatoes, 30 kg of rice and noodles, 40 kg of leeks and celery, 20 kg of beans and , 30 kg of , 65 kg of and 40 kg of . It’s needed 1,400 liters of water to prepare the soup.

(140 liters) with 100 kg of brown bread serves the process.

Price dishes – 7 euros.