Red Mercedes Torpedo Type 400 from 1927, 6 cylinders, 3920 cc, 100 HP, 130 km/h

The Mercedes 15/70/100 PS was a large automobile introduced by Daimler in 1924. Production continued till 1929 by which time Daimler had merged with Benz & Cie (effective 1926) as a result of which the car’s name had changed to Mercedes-Benz Typ 400.

A defining feature of the car was the switchable supercharger (”Kompressor”) fitted to the engine.

The Mercedes 15/70/100 PS survived the fusion of Daimler with Benz & Cie which came into effect in 1926 (although the agreement which defined the merger had been signed two years earlier in 1924). However, cars of the newly merged company were now branded “Mercedes-Benz” and the model also acquired the new model name “Typ 400”, being now known as the Mercedes-Benz Typ 400 The alternative name Mercedes-Benz 15/70/100 PS was and is also sometimes used.

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