Red Bugatti Sedan Type 49 from 1934, 8 cylinders, 3257 cc, 90 HP, 150 km/h

The Bugatti Type 49 is a sports and touring car from the automobile manufacturer Bugatti, designed by Ettore Bugatti and Jean Bugatti (father & son), a road variant of the competition Bugatti Type 35, presented at the 1930 Paris Motor Show, and produced in 470 copies until 1934.

The Type 49 succeeds the Bugatti Type 43 and 44 of 1927, from which it takes over the 8-cylinder in-line ACT 24-valve engine with 3.3 liters of displacement (ultimate model with the Bugatti Type 46 to be motorized with the Bugatti Type 35 competition engine).

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