Red Biscuter Van: made in 1955 in Spain. 3.5 HP

Biscúter is a microcar manufactured in Spain, by Auto Nacional, SA, from 1953 until 1960, total of all versions around 10,000 units.

Raw material shortages and general economic difficulties in Europe following the Second World War made very small, economical cars popular in many countries.

In Spain, following the Spanish Civil War and the embargo declared by the United Nations against General Francisco Franco’s dictatorship, the situation was even worse.

The combination of relative underdevelopment, war devastation and an international trade embargo meant that the country operated at a much lower economic level than the rest of Western Europe for nearly two decades and was forced to develop domestic substitutes for hard-to-get imported products and technologies.

The Biscúter, tiny, simple, and cheap even by microcar standards, was a product of this economic environment and was well suited to its time and market.

Roda Roda museum (LleidaCataloniaSpain)

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