The Reckoner: crowdsourcing platform

The Reckoner was a startup with a simple concept — post a question with a binary set of answers (e.g. yes/no, good/bad, stay-in-the-relationship/leave-the-relationship, etc.) and the world votes to provide an answer.

One of the best recent developments of the internet has been the redemption of the Q&A site, which has conclusively proven that you can ask the internet for advice and actually get valuable responses.

With Stack Exchange, Quora, and AskMetafilter, we’ve seen Q&A sites thrive by building a community that provides a safe environment where expertise is valued. Internet polling, however, is still stuck in 1998, and most large-scale internet polls are considered an afterthought of dubious veracity.

Headquarters: Greater Philadelphia Area, Great Lakes, Northeastern US
Founded: Date Jun 1, 2011
Founders: Daniel Koch

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