The Teatro del Raval is a theater space located within the parish spaces of the Church of Our Lady of Carmen, in the Raval neighborhood of Barcelona (SpainCatalonia).

The origin

The Parish dates back to 1835 and was located inside the old Jerónimas monastery, which was destroyed during the Tragic Week of 1909. In 1911, the first stone of the new church – the work of architect Josep Maria Pericas, a disciple of Antoni Gaudí – was laid, and it was inaugurated in 1913.

In 1935, the parish center was expanded, which included an Italian-style theater. This theater is the current Teatro del Raval.

The theater is currently an autonomous entity that not only hosts theater on a regular basis – with special attention to new creation – but also produces and promotes works – especially musicals – and hosts festivals, such as the Barcelona Theater Festival.

Phone: +34 934 43 39 99

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