Raushskaya embankment in Moscow

Raushskaya embankment (Roushskaya, until the 1870s Zayaitskaya embankment) is an embankment of the Moscow River in the Zamoskvorechye district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow. It lies between Balchug Street and Bolshoy Ustynsky Bridge. The numbering of houses is from Balchug hotel. Connected with Sadovnicheskaya street 1st and 2nd Raushsky lanes.

In 1495, the tzar’s garden was founded opposite the Kremlin. Its workers settled in the suburb of Upper Sadovniki (Bersenevskaya embankment), Middle (Sofiyskaya embankment) and Lower Sadovniki (east of Balchug). To the east of Balchug, between the Moskva River and the oxbow lake, a canal was dug, which was preserved during the construction of the Vodootvodny Canal in the 1780s and finally covered in 1876.

At the end of the 19th century, the Raushskaya embankment was industrialized. In 1896, a power plant operating to this day was built on the embankment (architect N.P. Basin), later rebuilt by I.V. Zholtovsky and V.E. Dubovsky. Today, Mosenergo is headquartered here.

The modern Raushskaya embankment is a “desert island”: in the district there are only two residential buildings left, standing aside, along Sadovnicheskaya Street. At the end of the embankment, near the Bolshoy Ustinsky Bridge, in 1928 a large residential building (No. 32) was built according to the project of the architect B. V. Efimovich, but in the post-war years it fell into disrepair and was demolished in 1989; fenced area between the bridge and the church of St. Nikola Zayaitsky is still empty.

Nearest metro: Taganskaya, Novokuznetskaya, Kitay-Gorod.

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