Horch 830 BL Gläser. Tuning by Gläser-Karosserie GmbH design studio

Horch 830 BL Gläser. Only two copies made. The story began with the fact that an American who lived in Germany and worked with Bosch decided to present his mistress (Polish in origin) something special and luxurious. Horch 830 BL by Gläser-Karosserie GmbH became this special and luxurious gift. The exhibit presented in the museum is the only one preserved.

Gläser-Karosserie GmbH was an important German coachbuilder, based in Dresden, and known in particular as a producer of bespoke cabriolet car bodies. The enterprise was founded in 1864 and lasted, by some criteria, till 1952.

Vadim Zadorozhny’s Museum of Equipment, Russia

Years of production: 1939

Country of origin: Germany

Issued: 2

Weight: 1885 kg

Power: 82 hp

Speed: 125 km / h

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