Rare competition bikes from Argentina. Tehuelche Copa 74 cc (1955)

Tehuelche was an Argentine-designed motorcycle model presented to the public in March 1957, and manufactured until mid-1964.

The “Tehuelche” was a true national pride, however it was forgotten by successive generations of Argentines.

Although there were other attempts in the country, mostly frustrated, to manufacture a national motorcycle, the Tehuelche was the only one that had a serial continuity in its seven years of production. With its own design, a copy of none, this motorcycle competed locally with other “Argentine” motorcycles, but which were manufactured under license from European motorcycles, such as: Puma Primera, Segunda (Guericke), Zanella (Ceccato), Gilera, among other brands.

This bike was distinguished both by the characteristic sound of the gear cascade of the distribution, and by its excellent achievements in its sports career.

Moto Bassella museum, CataloniaPyreneesSpain

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