RAF-22031 in St. Petersburg

RAF-2203 “Latvia” – Soviet types of minibuses and special light-duty vehicles based on them, mass-produced at the Riga Bus Factory. Cars of this model were widely used as official vehicles, ambulances and fixed-route taxis until the 2000s. After that, in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other republics of the former USSR, cars were replaced by Gazelles, as well as used and new European-made minibuses.

Assembly: Riga bus plant (Riga, USSR)

Years of production: 1975—1997

Chassis: GAZ-24 Volga

Engine: ZMZ-402 (gasoline)

Engine specs: 4 cylinders; 2445 cc

Power: 98 HP

Max speed: 120 km/h

Fuel consumption: 13 l/100 km

Weight: 1750 kg

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