Quillan Castle – a French defense mechanism against Aragon

Quillan Castle (fr. Château de Quillan) was constructed between the XII and XIII centuries. The Sixth Crusade ended in 1229 and Quillan became a royal town. The King of France turned the town into a military fortification two centuries later to withstand the invasions of the Aragon (Spain) troops. The castle housed a military garrison.

The castle has a quadrangular base. Protruding walls remain witnesses of military architecture.

The castle is a historical monument today.

Restoration work began about 20 years ago; stones obtained during excavations were used to restore the castle. They restored a part of the western wall to date. The south facade began to restore gradually its original appearance also.

The only pedestrian road that leads to the castle from Rue du Chateau is Quillan’s oldest street on the right bank of the Aude river, the first mention of which dates back to 1713.

Coordinates: 42° 52′ 29″ N, 2° 11′ 12″ E

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