Qualifying for 2017 European Basketball Championship 3×3 takes place in Andorra on 24th and 25th June

European Basketball Championship 3x3

Qualifying matches for 2017 European Basketball Championship 3×3 take place in Andorra on 24 and 25th June. The tournament will be held in the same place where it was held last year – on the square plaça Coprínceps in Escaldes-Engordany. A giant screen will be installed on the site of the tournament, so maximum fans could watch the competition.

This year 21 national teams play for the right to participate in the European Championship. The following countries will take part in the “women” category: Hungary, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Slovakia, Romania, Estonia, Turkey and Andorra. In the category “men” perform: Slovenia, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Georgia, Latvia, Israel, Ireland and Andorra.

The European Championship will be held in Amsterdam from 7th to 9th, July.

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