Pushkinsky pedestrian bridge

Pushkinsky (Andreevsky) is a pedestrian bridge built across the Moskva River in Moscow. It connects Pushkinskaya Embankment of Gorky Park with Frunzenskaya Embankment.

Designed in 2000 using the structures of the old Andreevsky Bridge, built in 1905-1907 according to the engineers L. Proskuryakov, P. Kamentsev and architect A. N. Pomerantsev.

A monument of architecture and engineering. The authors of the Andreevsky complex, consisting of a pedestrian bridge, an esplanade and the lower embankment of the Neskuchny Garden, were Yu. Platonov and A. Kuzmin.

The main arch of the footbridge, weighing about 1500 tons, was moved to its current location by three barges in 1999. The whole complex of works took 11 months, navigation on the river was blocked for eight days, and the actual towing was carried out on May 22, 1999 and took an hour and a half.

Since the river bed in the new place is wider than in Luzhniki, from the side of the Frunzenskaya embankment, the arch does not rest on the hinge of the coastal support, but on the outrigger channel support; between the hinge of the arch and the shore there are two reinforced concrete beam spans of 25 m each, decorated with false arches. The supports stand on grillages, under them there are poles and piles up to 17 m deep.

On most maps of Moscow, the bridge is designated exactly as Andreevsky. Also, under the name of Andreevsky Bridge, it is included in a number of reference books and encyclopedias. Therefore, although its formal name is Pushkinsky, due to custom, it is often called “Andreevsky Bridge”.

Nearest metro: Oktyabrskaya, Park Kultury, Frunzenskaya.

Attractions nearby: Krymskaya embankmentPrechistenskaya embankment, Third Building of the Ministry of Defense.

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