Pushkinskaya embankment

Pushkinskaya embankment is a pedestrian embankment on the right bank of the Moskva River in the Yakimanka district of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.

Pushkinskaya Embankment begins as a continuation of Krymskaya Embankment from Krymsky Val Street (Garden Ring) and Krymsky Bridge, which connects the latter with Zubovsky Boulevard.

It is pedestrian and passes through Gorky Park and Neskuchny Garden. A pedestrian Pushkin Bridge is thrown at the junction of the Titovsky passage across the river and the embankment.

Then, the Andreevsky highway bridge of the Third Transport Ring and the bridge of the same name of the Small Ring of the Moscow Railways pass over the embankment, after which it passes into Andreevskaya Embankment.

A two-level embankment was built according to the project of the architect A. V. Vlasov. The lower tier of the embankment is protected from the river by a low granite wall. The earthen slope is reinforced with a retaining wall, in which niches with benches are arranged. Above, on the second tier, is a walking alley. There are ladders on the slope.

The largest gathering in the park is designed as a cascade of fountains. The upper part of the cascade is a granite staircase. On its first step is a sculpture of a swimmer girl preparing to jump. The cascade ends with a small pool framed by a balustrade; along the edges on pedestals are sculptures of boys. They have fish in their hands, from which water jets are beating. On the sides of the pool are two granite stairs that make up the lower tier of the cascade.

In 1957, the building of the Green Theater was built on the embankment.


1 km from the embankment is the MCC station Ploshchad Gagarin and the metro stations Leninsky Prospekt, Park Kultury (radial), Park Kultury (ring), Oktyabrskaya (ring), Oktyabrskaya (radial), as well as the embankment, can be reached from Frunzenskaya and Shabolovskaya stations. There is no public transport along the embankment.

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