Proyekt 908 «Triton-2»: Soviet midget submarine

Design: ЦПБ «Волна» (Leningrad, USSR)

Year: 1975

Crew: 2+4

Engine: electric

Power: 8 kW

Speed (underwater): 5 knots

Depth: 40 m

The Patriot Military Historical Park in Kronstadt (Russia)

Ultra-small submarines of project 908 “Triton-2” – a project of ultra-small submarines of the USSR Navy. They were in service with the fleet from 1975 to the 1990s.

Designed for patrolling the waters of ports and raids, delivery and evacuation of reconnaissance divers, mining moorings, enemy ships, seabed exploration.

A total of 13 submarines of this project were built: B-485, B-489, B-494, B-499, B-501, B-504, B-505, B-509, B-511, B-528, B -541, B-542, B-554, not counting the prototype, which was marked as “Triton-2M”.

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