In June 1993, Apple released an identical color version of this model, the PowerBook 180c. It had an 8.4 in (210 mm) diagonal active matrix color LCD capable of displaying 256 colors and was the first PowerBook to natively display 640×480 (all previous PowerBooks had 640×400 resolution). As a result of the thicker color display, the exterior case lid was redesigned, more closely resembling that used on the PowerBook Duo series. This modification was used on the PowerBook 165c for the same reason.

Developer: Apple Computer Inc. (USA)

Years of production: 1992—1993

Operating system: System 7.1–Mac OS 7.6.1

CPU: Motorola 68030 @ 33 MHz

Memory: 14 MB

Price: $3,870 (equivalent to $8,070 in 2017)

Apple museum (Moscow, Russia)

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