Potato and dandelion greens trinxat, with veggies crunch

Potato and dandelion greens trinxat (Trinxat is a food from the Pyrenees, principally Andorra and the Catalan comarcas of Cerdanya and Alt Urgell), with veggies crunch


600g of dandelion greens
1kg of potatoes cut to medium size cubes
half a head of garlic
olive oil
raisins and pine nuts
4 slices of bacon
Crunchy vegetables (sweet potatoes, yuca, leek, carrot, etc.)


In a saucepan, boil the potatoes with salt and a dash of olive oil, after about 15 min of cooking add well-washed dandelion greens to Blanche them in the potatoes water.


When the potatoes are cooked, drain the water out and mash, together with the dandelion greens, to obtain a smooth texture, add garlic (chopped and fried in olive oil), mix through. Keep aside, this is what you will later fry into trinxat.

Prepare vegetable “chips”. Finely chop carrots, yuca, sweet potatoes and leek, fry them in hot oil until crispy, take out on paper towels to drain the excess oil.

On a frying pan with a bit of oil fry bacon until browned, take it out. In the same pan with the fat from bacon fry the potato-dandelion mash (trinxat) in the form of a large pancake, ones browned flip over and fry until both sides are browned.


Serve decorated with bacon and vegetable chips.


This dish can also be made with chard, cabbage, spinach and even rocket.


Dandelion greens are tender leaves that are harvested just when the snow melts. They have almost medicinal, liver-friendly, digestive properties and are iron-rich. Pine nuts are rich in phosphorus and healthy fats, and tubers like carrot are rich in B-carotene (the orange pigment that nourishes the skin and eyesight). These nutrients make this dish especially interesting in preventing anemia and caring for the digestive system.

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