Pineapple and coconut ravioli with ginger ice cream, rum granita, cold pineapple and mint infusion

We proudly present our star dessert, the one demanded by Beç Restaurant customers, who asked us not to remove it from our menu under any circumstances.

Being faithful to the premise of a balanced offer, in which a DESSERT, obviously, is a PROTAGONIST, we have always wished to create a special dish to transmit freshness and lightness to close a lunch or a dinner in a way that makes us feel good, without the sensation of having eaten too much.

We believe we have achieved it with our pineapple and coconut ravioli.

We started with a kind of “trompe l’oeil” (trampantojo), if I may use this artistic and gastronomic expression created by Diego Guerrero, to create a natural pineapple wrapper to replace the paste and filled it with soft coconut foam, aiming for a constant balance between sweetness and lightness. However, we were still missing a fresh note. We found it with ginger ice cream, which also provided us with the perfect dose of tartness.

However, since we never stop letting the gray matter loose, for the summer menu we wanted to give “the baby of our desserts” a little rum slush to provide another, complimentary, flavor that is very close to the classic tropical Caribbean cocktail, the Piña Colada.

To complete this marvellous dish, we add a subtle cold infusion of mint and pineapple in your presence to complement the dessert and provide the elegant touch that we always offer in our gastronomic creations; the final touch that makes a dish perfectly finished.

This dessert is designed as such or as a prelude to other, denser and sweeter dessert such as 2023 Apple pie (Tarta de manzana) or Tempered chocolate cake (Pastel templado de chocolat), both are for big SWEET lovers at their best.

Its freshness makes it a very pleasant and balanced dessert. After much experimentation, we decided to accompany it with an ice cider in which the apple flavor creates a shocking combination of contrasts with the pineapple and coconut, but at the same time blends perfectly with the aroma of the apples, which, in addition to being picked frozen from the tree, are aged in a barrel to achieve greater maturity, sobriety and structure.

There is only one thing left to do: visit us and try it!!!!

We are waiting for you at Beç Restaurant

Address: Carrer Coprincep François Mitterrand, 2, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany.

Reservations: +376 828 667, [email protected]


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