PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

Main places:

Andorra la VellaEscaldes-EngordanySan Julia de LoriaLa MassanaOrdinoEncampCanilloPas de la Casa

MUSIC v TONIGHT! Friday, 4th November at 21h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella. SaxAttack & Richy Come to IQOS and get ready to discover this fusion of DJ and live sax.

Pure improvisation. v Saturday, 5th November at 17h at Church of Sant Bartomeu de Soldeu, Canillo Romanesque Chamber Series. Bòreas Ensemble (Free entry with reverse box office. Ticket reservations are mandatory through the Association’s website.)

Bòreas Ensemble is a woodwind quintet that emerged from the classrooms of the Liceu de Barcelona Superior Conservatory of Music, and which was awarded 2nd prize at the last International Romanesque Chamber Competition. They will present a musically varied programme, by composers from around the world and from different eras, will take the audience on a musical journey through the great repertoire for wind quintet. With the historical perspective of the programme, it is intended to give a musical answer to the question “where do we come from?”, while leaving an open answer to the question “where are we going?” Cake and chocolate will be offered at the end of the concert.

Featuring: The soprano Caroline de Mahieu and the baritone Stéphane de Mahieu, accompanied on the piano by Nicolas Liccardi. v Saturday 5th November at 18h30 in the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella Experience Virtual Reality at IQOS. Enjoy a virtual reality experience and compete with your friends to be the best in the game. We are waiting for you at the IQOS Lounge, a place full of incombustible artists and unique experiences. v Saturday, 5th November at 21h30 in the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella Patricia Mantovani at IQOS Very refined chill house session. v Until Thursday, 20th November at 19h15 at the Encamp Municipal Library, Encamp. The Series ‘Opera, a very personal story. The activity consists of different commented and illustrated recitals from operas of all eras by Màrio Raviola.


v Saturday, 5th November at 12h midday at the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, Ordino. (€6, free for children, Registrations: [email protected] or Tel.: 836 908) The Magic of Marc del Ferrer v Saturday, 5th November at 21h at the Claror Auditorium of the Lauredià Cultural and Congress Centre, Sant Julià de Lòria. (Entrance: €18) 61st Theatre season: Limits. An ENA production in collaboration with ONCA Boundaries transform, modulate, inspire or condition our context, our life experiences, our emotions and thoughts.

Based on a documentary work made up of interviews in different fields (sports, culture, health, environment, science, history, sexuality…), the piece, through various scenic languages, translates these experiences to the stage. The ones that make us up and unite us all: the margins of our own and external limits, which exist within our community. Featuring: Direction: Guillem Gefaell. Audiovisuals: Héctor Mas and Alfons Casal Cast: Clàudia Riera, Emma Riba, Jéssica Casal and Oriol Guillem.

v Tuesday, 8th November at 20h at the Andorra la Vella Congress Centre, Andorra la Vella. (Entrance: €28 https://www.agenda.ad/activitat/comprar/andorra-la-vella/teatre-i-dansa/-el-trencanous–16489) The Nut Cracker performed by the International Ballet Company which includes soloists from Moldova, England, Italy and more.

v Friday, 11th November at 20h30 at the Communal Theatre, Andorra la Vella. (Entrance: €20. Contact address for Registrations (18+): Cultural Centre La Llacuna, C/ Mossen Cinto Verdaguer, 4 AD500 Andorra la Vella.) 61st Andorra La Vella Theatre Season. Buffalo Bill in Barcelona (Don’t forget it will be in Catalan.) In 1889, Buffalo Bill, national hero of the USA for his “feats” in the Indian wars, performed in Barcelona with his great circus of cowboys and Sioux.

Raquel Sans, journalist and presenter of TV3 news, takes to the stage to do a posthumous interview with the legendary cowboy. They will travel from the great plains of the Far West to Barcelona at the end of the 19th century. A dialogue in which the reasons why the ideal of a rough and virile man embodied by Buffalo Bill seem not to have enthused Barcelona at the time.


v Wednesday, 9th November at 21h at the Communal Theatre, Andorra la Vella. (General admission: €5. Membership admission: €3. 18+) Cineclub les Valles: Mass directed by Fran Kranz (United States, 2021) Years after the son of Richard (Reed Birney) and Linda (Ann Dowd) experienced a huge tragedy, Jay (Jason Isaacs) and Gail (Martha Plimpton) are finally willing to talk in an attempt to try to move on with their lives. (I presume this is in English. The Cineclub seldom says the language, but they show great films. C.A.)

CHILDREN v Saturday 5th November at 17h in the Party room of the Sports and Sociocultural Complex of Encamp, Encamp. (Tickets on sale from October 17. Entrance: €5 children. €10 adults. Registrations: La Valireta Cultural Centre or email [email protected] or Tel+376 731 490 ) Children’s musical “Kalu” by the Líquid Dansa company. Kalu is a brave and dreamy ten-year-old boy who is forced to embark on a journey through emotions, fears and walls that do not let him move forward.

The experience and advice from his inner voice will make him a boy ready to grow up. Yoga and Hindu philosophy will accompany you on the path of life where you will meet, as in a fable, animals and characters that will help you reflect and make the right decisions in this adventure.

CONFERENCES (Remember all conferences are in Catalan unless otherwise stated.)

v Thursday, 10th November at 19h30 at Espai Caldes, Escaldes-Engordany. (Reservations at Espai Caldes or [email protected] or tel. 890 897) The Strength of Fragility. The creative process of Eve Ariza by Pilar Bonet. We must not only look at the objective result of art, we must also attend to the process of creation, observing that it is an organic and emotional, imperfect and political fact. For the artist, Eve Ariza, the time of creation is the time of inner illumination, of clairvoyance, and staging is the desire for a silent relationship with the world and its inhabitants.

Speaker: Pilar Bonet, art critic and professor of contemporary art at the University of Barcelona.


v Until Thursday, 17th November at the Escaldes-Engordany Art Center, Escaldes-Engordany. (Registrations: Escaldes-Engordany Art Center (CAEE) or Tel. 802 255 or email [email protected]) Exhibition XIII Textile and Needlework Days by the Students of the Textile and Glass Workshop. An exhibition of the works of the artists invited to the XIII Textile and Needlework Days: Montserrat Duran Muntadas, Francesca Poza, Cristina Vallejo and the Associació de Puntaires de les Comarques de Girona. You will also be able to enjoy the works of the Textile and Glass Workshop students made during the 2021/2022 academic year.

Opening Hours: From Monday to Saturday from 9h30 – 13h30 & from 15h – 19h

v Until Friday 18th November at the Cultural Centre La Llacuna, Andorra la Vella. Art Circle. The Xarranca creative group association, with the aim of promoting art and its creators in Andorra, is launching the third edition of Circul’Art, a project that will allow you to enjoy at home, in the office and in public spaces four works of art, one for each season. This third season we offer 12 season tickets. Three independent and closed circuits with 4 works each. You can choose the circuit you like best.

The circuits are:

– Until November 18th, in the lobby of the Cultural Centre la Llacuna, in Andorra la Vella.

– From November 24th to January 8th, 2023, at the Roc Blanc Hotel.

And if you want more…, book the 12th November for the Circul’Art Day! A day in which the authors of the works selected, through a small talk/action will present their work to the public.

v Until Wednesday, 30th November at the Socioculture l’Estudi Building, Ordino Painting exhibition: Celebrations by Alicia Luño Laguens. Celebrations is a true feast for all the senses, as it takes you through the various traditions and festivities to celebrate the passage of life. The exhibition presents a unique mix of colours and brushstrokes, representing different festive motifs from an abstract point of view.

With the intention of transforming the iconographic images of the elements we observe daily, the following project is presented; a proposal full of light and colour that seeks to transform physical figures into abstract movements, full of emotions and subjectivity. Words from the artist: “As an artist, the quest to be an active part of Andorran culture is a dream come true, and I wish to be able to contribute with my own images to the promotion and dissemination of art, giving importance to its value cultural and artistic.”

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday from 09h – 20h. Saturdays from 9h – 13h

v From Monday, 7th November to Friday, 9th December 2022 at 9h at the Cultural Centre La Llacuna, Andorra la Vella. Photo Exhibition: Nothing.

Without anything = devoid of anything. This is the naked body, a body that we photographed with the second-year photography students with the intention of seeing this body from different sides: fragmented, in motion, with images that dress it, creating new forms, fusing it with nature, etc. All in all, an excuse to get to know light, whether natural or artificial (continuous or flash) and learn to combine the two.

v Until Friday, 16th December, 2022 at the Galleria Alta, (up the little road above Anyós. View Map. By appointment only. [email protected].) Bruce Weber. Turn to the light.

v Until Sunday, 8th January 2023 at the Thyssen Museum, Escaldes Engordany. (Rates, with audio guide: €9 general admission/€5 for those 65+, those under 26 years, those with a youth card and Crèdit Andorrà customers. Free admission for children under 18.) Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 10h – 18h. Saturdays from 10h – 19h. Sundays, 10h – 14h. Closed on Mondays.

The last access to the gallery will be 30 mins. before closing. The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum is hosting its sixth exhibition: Made in Paris: The Generation of Matisse, Lagar and Foujita, an exhibition that aims to reflect the cultural magnetism of Paris between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Artists such as Henri Matisse, Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita and Charles Camoin are forerunners of new trends as a result of the evolution of Impressionism. Other artists around the world had also found a source of inspiration in this avant-garde and optimistic environment, such as: Thomas Hart Benton, Francisco Bores, Hermen Anglada Camarasa and the sculptor Baltasar Lobo, who permeated new trends such as post-impressionism, symbolism and fauvism in the French capital.

Using metro lines, the tour covers the five mythical schools that coexisted during this period: the École de Paris, the Académie Colarossi, the Académie Julian, the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and the Real Academy of Belles Arts of San Fernando of Madrid. Talking about Paris is also about music and, for this reason, the exhibition integrates a musical discourse titled Impressionist Virtues with a selection by the Andorran musicologist Josep Martínez Reinoso.

Visitors will be able to delve into a synergistic experience through the performances of three French pianists and pioneers in the mid-20th century: Henriede Faure, Germain Thyssens Valentin and Magda Tagliaferro. The artists represented in the exhibition have a magnificent dialogue with each other and visitors will witness the most important social and artistic changes of the early twentieth century.

v Until Saturday, 14th January 2023 at the Espai Caldes, Escaldes-Engordany “AFFATUS” by Eve Ariza. An exhibition resulting from the journey along the production of the artist Eve Ariza, from its beginnings to the exhibition of her last unpublished works.

The collection embraces a wide period of life and multiple disciplines in order to capture the richness of the artist’s output. The exhibition is structured in various conceptual areas that deal with topics such as consumption, communication and magical thinking.

An invitation to reflection, revolution and above all, to renew the will to communicate. Opening hours: from Monday to Saturday 9h30 – 13h30 and from 15h – 19h. It will be closed on 1st November and 24th (afternoon), 25th, 26th, 31st (afternoon) December and 1st and 6th January, 2023.

v Until Sunday, 27th August, 2023 at the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, Ordino. (Admission: €2.50. Free on September 25th and 26th. The last access to the room will be 30 mins. before closing.) Abracadabra: Illusionism and magic in Cal Plandolit. Discover one of the least known facets of the iconic Areny-Plandolit family – the connection between some of its members within the world of magic, where they stood out prominently on the Spanish and international scene during the first half of the twentieth century.


v CHANGE OF DATE. Now Sunday, 20th November at 9h. Meet at the pool in Central Park, Andorra la Vella. Deciduous forests in autumn. Now that we are in Autumn, we suggest you attend an outing to visit deciduous forests, see their fantastic colours and talk about the trees that are there. We will do a route between Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella. It is an outing of approximately 7 km with 300 meters of positive gradient and done at a leisurely pace. You need to bring some food, water, warm clothes and suitable shoes.


v From Friday 11th to Sunday 13th November at the Plaça de Les Fontetes, La Massana. Vide Dressing – Autumn 2022 edition. Don’t miss the market in the Pyrenees Mountains with 90 Exhibitors of second-hand clothes and accessories!

This year, as a novelty, the market includes a section for Children: clothes, childcare, toys. You’ll find everything there!


Friday 11th from 16h – 19h

Saturday 12th from 10h – 19h

Sunday, 13th from 10h – 14h


v Tuesday, 8th November at 19h30 at the Encamp Municipal Library, Encamp. (16+ Registrations: 732 704 or [email protected]

Interview with the writer Sílvia Soler. Interview, in collaboration with Culturàlia, with the writer Sílvia Soler. During the event, a format that premiered last year and was very successful due to the interaction with the attendees, we will discuss the author’s career and her latest work. The novel, Nosaltres, Després, is set in contemporary Barcelona and talks about the passage of time, love and the ups and downs of life.

v Until Saturday 31st December. Throughout the parish of La Massana Escape game “Els Passadors”, a game of clues to enjoy with the family. (Price of the activity: €20 per group. Registrations: Massana Tourism Office or +376 835 693) “Our client’s name is Otto Adler. He wants to hire our services to solve the following case: It seems that a family fortune is hidden in a safe. To open it, you need a code that only Mr. Adler knew. From what he says in his last letter, he never got it. And you, will you?” This game, which can be played throughout the year, will make you discover the most emblematic spaces of the old town of La Massana, while enjoying an entertaining and educational time. The activity lasts 90 min., and is perfect for doing it with the family.


La Massana Fogons de Tardor

(La Massana’s Autumn Ovens.)

v Until 6th November. This is when many of the restaurants in La Massana offer special autumn menus. (You will find a booklet of the menus and prices at the La Massana Tourist Office or Google Llibret La Massana Fogons 2022.pdf ) In this year’s edition La Massana Fogons unites with La Massana Epicentre of sustainable gastronomy with gastronomic suggestions: sustainable, local products, traditional and seasonal recipes. There will also be tasting of local, ecological wines and a picnic.

v From Friday 11th to Saturday, 12th November in the Sala La Buna, Patí & Era Rossell. (Mandatory registration for the Gastrolabs of Sala La Buna [email protected]) Ordino Saló Ordino Gourmet – A taste of the Pyrenees. Friday from 16h – 21h and Saturday from 11h – 20h. Advance Gastrolabs Tastings and sale of gastronomic products at Patí and Era Rossell Gastrolabs in Sala La Buna, with workshops and tastings.

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