PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

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❖ Saturday, 4 June at 21h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella Madam at IQOS (18+) Energetic melodic progressive session.

❖ Sunday, 5 June at 12h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella Vermouth Session with Richy Vuelcom (18+) Tech house session to accompany the vermouth hour.

❖ Thursday, 9 June at 19h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella DJ Wally’s Deep House Session (18+)

❖ Friday, 10 June at 21h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella Caio, the electronic violinist & DJ Madam at IQOS (18+) Caio Ferraz is an internationally acclaimed pop electronic violinist, songwriter and artist who has been performing for over 13 years.

❖ Friday, 10 June at 21h30 at the Andorra National Auditorium, Ordino Mikel Erentxun Concert (General admission: €20 · VR seats (reduced vision): €15 · 15% with the youth card) With albums nominated for the Latin Grammy for Best Rock Album, Erentxum returns on the road with his band and will stop in Andorra.


❖ Until 6 June (Monday to Friday from 9h – 21h and Saturday from 10h to 13h) at the Lobby of the Lauredià Cultural and Congress Center, Sant Julià de Lòria Photographic Exhibition – The Strength of Madagascar’s Women ❖ Until Friday, 10 June at Miquel Mercè’s studio, Escaldes-Engordany. Ikebana Series, the New Autumn Photographs. From 8h30 – 13h30 and 14h30 – 17h30. ([email protected] for registration) ❖ Until Saturday, 11 June at Escaldes-Engordany Art Center, Escaldes-Engordany. Monday to Saturday at 9h30 – 13h30 and 15h–19h. Based on Real Stories. (Reserve at 802 255 or [email protected]) The photographers have given direct testimonies about their works and provided clues referring to hidden meanings that often go unnoticed.

❖ Until Sunday, 12 June at the Government Exhibition Hall, Central Park Art Centre, Andorra la Vella. Gaset Flinch Exhibition. Opening hours: Tuesday afternoon to Sunday morning, 10h – 13h30 and 15h30 – 20h. The “Gaset Flinch” exhibition includes the sculptural creations of Andorran artist Judit Gaset Flinch, from the early 90s to her most recent works, made specifically for this exhibition. Nearly 70 works (curated from public & private collections in Andorra and Spain) are on display.

❖ Until Wednesday 15 June at the PIJ – Youth Information Point, Encamp Exhibition Véronique Bandry. Bandry’s technique is dilute acrylic – a form of painting that straddles watercolor and traditional acrylic.

❖ Until Thursday 23 June at the La Llacuna Cultural Center, Andorra la Vella BAUHAUSIANS in La Llacuna Art School. This is the workshop we have developed throughout the 2021-22 school year with the youngest members of the art school, (children 7-12) Exercises have been inspired by the School of Bauhaus and whose theme has been COLOR and PARTY. Being a Bauhausian has meant studying the materials to extract their properties, prioritizing the basic forms following the motto “less is more”- eliminating the superfluous, and following the functionality guidelines fused with an aesthetic balance. Come and enjoy the work of this very creative group !!

❖ Until Thursday, 30 June (Tuesday to Saturday from 10h – 14h and 15h – 18h; Sunday from 10h – 14h) at the Casa Rull Museum, La Massana Art from Bees Mat Mathieus is a honey producer under the name Mel Autèntic and together with Nik Pietrocola they have made it possible for bees to be transformed into sculptures. Nik Pietrocola Mat sculpts in the shape of bees and their hives. The result is a joint sculptural work done with the creativity of man and the architectural style of bees.

❖ Until Thursday, 30 June (Every Wednesday and Friday of the farmhouse from June from 19h – 21h) in La Peixera, Escaldes-Engordany Watercolor Exhibition by Mireia Tarrés Aquatic themed watercolor exhibition.

❖ Until Friday, 30th September in the parish of Canillo (Mainly in the Comú building. Register at +376 753 637 or [email protected] ) A retrospective exhibition of the very popular Andorran artist Francesc Galobardes Carbonell showing landscapes of the parish of Canillo. All the exhibited oils are created with the spatula technique. Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 9h30 – 13h30 and 15h – 19h and Sunday: 10h-17h

❖ Until Saturday, 31st December at the MW Museu de l’Electricitat, Encamp. (Limited places, registration required: + 376 739 111 or [email protected] . Admission to the Museum will also be free for the duration of the exhibition) Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday from 9h30 – 13h30 and from 15h – 18h. Sunday from 10h – 14h. A Planet Submerged in Plastic by James Whitlow Delano. Exhibition warning about the danger of plastic pollution.

❖ Until Sunday, 8th January 2023 at the Thyssen Museum, Escaldes Engordany. (Rates, with audio guide: €9 general admission/€5 for 65+, those under 26 years, those with a youth card and Crèdit Andorrà customers. Children under 18: free admission.) Opening hours: The last access to the room will be 30 mins. before closing. Tuesday to Friday from 10h – 18h. Saturdays from 10 19h. Sundays, 10h – 14h. Closed on Mondays. The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum is hosting its sixth exhibition: Made in Paris

The Generation of Matisse, Lagar and Foujita, an exhibition that aims to reflect the cultural magnetism of Paris between the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Artists such as Henri Matisse, Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita and Charles Camoin are forerunners of new trends as a result of the evolution of Impressionism. Other artists around the world had also found a source of inspiration in this avant-garde and optimistic environment, such as: Thomas Hart Benton, Francisco Bores, Hermen Anglada Camarasa and the sculptor Baltasar Lobo, who permeated new trends such as post-impressionism, symbolism and fauvism in the French capital.

Using metro lines, the tour covers the five mythical schools that coexisted during this period: the École de Paris, the Académie Colarossi, the Académie Julian, the École des Beaux-Arts de Paris, and the Real Academy of Belles Arts of San Fernando of Madrid. Talking about Paris is also about music and, for this reason, the exhibition integrates a musical discourse titled Impressionist Virtues with a selection by the Andorran musicologist Josep Martínez Reinoso.

Visitors will be able to delve into a synergistic experience through the performances of three French pianists and pioneers in the mid-20th century: Henriede Faure, Germain Thyssens Valentin and Magda Tagliaferro. The artists represented in the exhibition have a magnificent dialogue with each other and visitors will witness the most important social and artistic changes of the early twentieth century.

❖ Until Sunday, 27th August, 2023 at the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, Ordino. (Admission: €2.50. Free on September 25th and 26th. The last access to the room will be 30 mins. before closing.)

Abracadabra: Illusionism and magic in Cal Plandolit. Discover one of the least known facets of the Areny-Plandolit family – the connection between some of its members within the world of magic, where they stood out prominently on the Spanish and international scale during the first half of the twentieth century.


❖ Tuesday, 7 June at 19h30 at the La Llacuna Cultural Center, Andorra la Vella Music Reading Club The Letter Opener by Vicente Molina Foix. ❖ Wednesday 8 June 2022 at 19h30 at the Escaldes-Engordany Communal Library, Escaldes-Engordany Reading Club (16+)

– Wednesday, June 8 An Artist From the Floating World by Kazuo Ishiguro. Retired artist Masuji Ono recalls his career from its beginnings to the present, and the fluctuations of his loyalties and his role in Japan’s stage of imperialist expansionism before and during World War II.


❖ Saturday, 4 June at 11h at Camí de les Pardines, Encamp Day of the Virgin of Ecology The celebration will take place in the space where the worship service is located, in the middle of the Camí de les Pardines (approximately 1.5 kilometers from the car park). The day will begin with a prayer to the Virgin of Ecology, followed by the traditional singing and a floral offering. Afterwards, cakes and chocolate will be offered to attendees and lavender will be distributed.

For the day, a free bus service to the Pardines road is made available to all who wish. Departure will be at 10 am in front of the old Rosaleda Hotel. The oratory of the Virgin of Ecology is a small modern-day worship site located in the open air, on the Camí de les Pardines The majolica of the Virgin Mary that presides over the oratory is the work of the artist Catalan Ramon Argilés. It was built in 1999 and offers a magnificent view over the Encamp valley. Next to the oratory we can find a fountain, a picnic area and a viewpoint.

❖ Monday, 6 June at 12h at Church of Sant Romà in Vila d’Encamp, Encamp Feast of Sant Romà de Vila. The church of Sant Romà de Vila will open its doors on Monday 6 June (Pentecost). The Archbishop of Urgell and Co-Prince of Andorra Joan-Enric Vives will attend and bless the Jesus and Mary bell – restored in 2020 and currently on display inside the church of Santa Eulàlia. The blessing will be after the traditional solemn mass and the singing of the Goigs, which will begin at 12 noon. To end the celebration, there will be an aperitif for all attendees. The Romanesque church is attached to the town of Vila. It dates from the 13th century and includes an altar table that was renovated during the 20th century. The church has a very simple floor plan and is topped by a rectangular apse. The small belfry houses a traditional Gothic bell.

Inside the church we will find the reproduction of the Romanesque altar front that entered the National Art Museum of Catalonia, in Barcelona in 1922. This front of the altar is the only example of Romanesque painting on wood that exists in Andorra. Apart from that it is one of the few fronts that conserves the three original faces today. On the front face is a Maiestas Domini surrounded by the Mystic Ametlla and 8 apostles. On the other two sides are represented the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and three other apostles. The altarpiece dates from the early twentieth century and represents the life of the titular saint and different saints.


❖ TOP GUN: MAVERICK (Dir. by Joseph Kosinski. Starring Tom Cruise, Jennifer Connelly and Miles Teller) at Cinemas Illa Carlemany, Escaldes-Engordany

– June 4th – 5th at 20h in English with Spanish subtitles

– June 6th – 8th at 2015 in English with Spanish subtitles

The Story: After more than 30 years of service as one of the Navy’s top aviators, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is where he belongs, pushing the envelope as a courageous test pilot and dodging the advancement in rank that would ground him. Training a detachment of graduates for a special assignment, Maverick must confront the ghosts of his past and his deepest fears, culminating in a mission that demands the ultimate sacrifice from those who choose to fly it.


❖ From Saturday, 4 June to Sunday, 5 June (Saturday: 11h30, 11h30, 12h30, 16h, and 17h · Sunday: 11h and 12h) at the Thyssen Museum, Escaldes-Engordany Collage Workshop – Still Life (4+) Children will be able to create a collage that recreates still lifes with colored paper, magazines, and cardboard.

❖ Wednesday 8 June at 18h30 in the Canillo Library, Canillo Storytelling: I Have a Volcano (Limited capacity. Prior reservation at [email protected]) Alba is a little girl with anger issues but a fairy comes and gives her a trick on how to cool it.

CULTURE+ v Saturday, 4 June at 12h and 17h at the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, Ordino Guided Tour: Nature in a Beautiful House (Register at [email protected] or 836 908)

❖ Saturday, 4 June at 18h at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella. Magician Tyler Haze

❖ Thursday, 9 June from 17h – 22h at the Andorra la Vella Historic Center, Andorra la Vella Concentric Between 17h and 22h, the Concèntric will offer live music, photo commercials, and discounts and promotions of up to 30% by participating establishments before the launch of the Summer Sales. Buyers will also be able to collect a summer gift from the Comú in the form of a straw hat, which can be picked up in Plaça Rebés between 17h and 22h. June 9 will not only offer significant discounts and promotions, but also complementary activities.

DJ John Holt welcomes you (Passatge Codina), DJ Madam will liven up the terrace area and David Garcia Vivancos will give you his art in the form of a cartoon (Plaça Guillemó). DJ Fran Morais will put music to our photo ad. Dance and take your photographic memory of the Concentric! (Plaça Rebés) Do you want a Concentric video? Come and we will give you one in 360º with a soundtrack by DJ Richy Vuelcom (Plaça Princep Benlloch) The Historic Center will be the setting for Marc Ferrer and his magic. At 19h, you can prepare your summer body with Fitness Serradells and Meri Coscollola in the Plaça del Poble. At 20h, Marta Marsà will present her White Fit sportswear collection.


❖ Thursday, 9 June from 18h30-20h at El Racó de l’Anna, Sant Julià de Lòria Cooking With Wild Plants With Anna Porquet (€15/person, for adults. Call 823 000 or Whatsapp 344 311 to register)

❖ Until Wednesday, 15 June at 18h at the La Llacuna Cultural Center, Andorra la Vella Active Artists (16+. Register at 730 037) Analysis of the political commitment of the most representative artists of the war periods and movements of the 20th century. Taught by Alexia Collelldemont.


❖ Saturday, 4 June from 11h – 20h at the Andorra la Vella Historic Center, Andorra la Vella Valley Market + Small Market Creative crafts, art and agri-food products market. The first Saturday of each month between May and October.

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