PICK OF THE WEEK: Monday, 6th January – Sunday, 12th January, 2020

PICK OF THE WEEK: Monday, 6th January – Sunday, 12th January, 2020


Monday, 6th January at 21.30h at the Hotel Màgic, La Massana. (Free) Vibrand Concert in Clau de Soul. Every Monday you have an appointment with the best live music. Start the week enjoying theMagic Monday sand the best atmosphere! The band will play the songs you like most by artists such as Sting, Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Bruno Mars and in an unusual way. Come and dance while we sing funk, soul, reggae, swing and jazz.

Friday, 10th January at 21.30h at the National Auditorium of Andorra, Ordino. (Tickets: 20€. Back of stage and balconies:15€. Carta Jove: 15% discount) 2020 National Auditorium Season. Dulce Pontes.The Lusitanian singer will be responsible for kicking off the 2020 Season of the National Auditorium of Andorra. Dulce Pontes, one of Portugal’s most recognized voices, arrives in Andorra after three decades on stage.Accompanied by guitarist Daniel Casares and bassist Yelsy Heredia, with whom she has already performed many times, she will present a very special artistic project. In this tour, the trio will pay tribute to great authors such as Amália Rodrigues, Ennio Morricone, Debussy, Joaquín Rodrigo and Federico García Lorca, as well as performing some of their own songs.

Pontessings much more than the expected Portuguese fado.Her music production, enriched by multiple sources and influences, is eclectic, innovative and, as a result, difficult to label. Throughout her career she has collaborated with musicians such as Joan Manuel Serrat, Estrella Morente, Caetano Veloso, Carlos Núñez and Andrea Bocelli, among many others. With ten albums behind herand after conquering the most international audiences worldwide, Dulce Pontes will sing in a small group for the country’s audience at the National Auditorium.
Musicians:Dulce Pontes(vocals); Daniel Casares(guitar); Yelsy Heredia(double bass).


Monday, 6th January at 18h in the Claror Auditorium of the Cultural Centre, Sant Julià de Lòria(10€ from the Cultural Centre). The 26th consecutive edition of the ever popular, Els Pastorets (The Shepherd Boys).This year’s version is again based on that play written by Josep Maria Folchi Torres in 1916 and is directed by Juanma Casero assisted by Irina Robles.But the story’s a bit different. (I went to it last night with the LM Gent Gran, and had the most wonderful time. C.A.)

For a start, instead of two shepherd boys there’s a shepherd boy and a shepherd girl and she looks remarkably like Greta Thunberg with her plaits and her T-shirt with a green logo saying Fridays for Future! And then there are the pillars of piled up oil drums and toxic waste dotted across the stage. I have to say I thought these two youngsters were exceptionally good amateur actors. Els Pastoretsis a Catalan Christmas entertainment dating back to the Middle Ages, a cross between a comic pantomime and a dramatic Nativity play.

Lots of jokes, slap stick and laughter usually set around two shepherd boys trying to get to Bethlehem to see the baby Jesus. (I note from the programme that four alternative babies are named in the cast this year. Whichever one is chosen on the night, they are always amazingly good. C.A.) Meanwhile, there’s a monumental battle between good and evil. For the shepherds’ journey is beset on all sides by colourful, drum-beating devils, and lots of smoke, all orchestrated by the fiendish Lucifer as he tries to stop the shepherds reaching Bethlehem.

But then, at the most perilous moment, the situation is saved – ‘Duduh!’ – by Archangel Michael or Gabriel who appear in a pool of light with big, fluffy white wings, accompanied by little angels, and sometimes flourishing a sword of righteousness! Els Pastorets is very well acted by local amateur actors guided by paid professional directors. Children love it – and so do I!

(The first time I went I didn’t understand a single word but still found things to laugh at. Do give it a try!CA) If you go on Kings, 6th January, then, at the end, the Kings come down from the back of the theatre in all their splendour.


Friday, 17th April at 20h at the Centre de Congressos, Andorra la Vella. (Tickets: 45€. Family Pack (4) 30€ each. Schools of Dancing 25€. Group of 12 or over 25€. Is anyone interested in organising a group? They say they will offer the best seats available at the time of booking. Romeo and Juliet by the Moscow Ballet.



Until Tuesday, 7th January, 2020 starting at 17.30h Escaldes-Engordany will become a winter stage with Imaginary Christmas Worlds to be found in different parts of the parish. The sky is loaded with snowflakes and the air smells like marzipan and hot chocolate. A bright white blanket covers the streets, decorations appear in the squares, melodies ring in every corner, and magic arises. Live every night at 17.30h for the unique experience of turning on the Christmas lights.

Parc de la Mola:Gingerbread biscuit shave come to life and are hidden behind giant Christmas balls so they won’t be eaten. What will happen to them? Will someone find them?

Nacions Unides Playground:Traditional Christmas with the wish box: A Christmas tree appeared in the middle of the park! From its branches hang dreams and at your feet, a magic mailbox will receive your wishes for Christmas and Kings.

Plaça Coprínceps: The nutcrackers guard the light. Guided by the star of the great golden tree, Nutcrackers keep an eye on the Christmas light throughout the holidays to make sure it is always on. When night falls, the tree wakes up and with it the whole city too.

Plaça Santa Ana: Christmas tunes: bells big and small and drums… Notes and rhythms that ring for Christmas. A music box that will take you on a trip around Christmas songs from around the world.

Car park del Plaça de l’Església (church car park)Scenery of a mountain winter: A snowy mountain, a squirrel in the middle of the forest, a polar bear skiing … hop on the sled and take a picture capturing an unforgettable memory! Av. Charlemagne. The ceiling of light: Touch the starry sky, look in its light and follow the path …. Sparks of gold and snow stars invite you to enter the magic of Christmas … A dream picture …

Vivand. The Disney family: A childhood journey with Disney characters: Mickie and Minnie, Donald and Goofie with the inseparable Pluto.Olaf celebrates with his friends from the Polar Circle. Everyone is waiting for you to celebrate this holiday!

Copríncep de Gaulle Bridge: The iconic nativity scenes: Take a stroll around the upper part of the parish and discover the richness of our traditions. You will find the Living Nativity, three scenes to relive the birth of the Christ child, a symbol of joy and hope. Look for the caganer!

Av. de Fener Over 40 years of celebrating Christmas in Escaldes-Engordany: Discover the history of Christmas lighting in the parish by strolling down Fener Avenue. Look up and see the refined Christmas decorations of the late 80’s.


Monday 6th at 19.30h, Tuesday, 7th – Thursday, 9th January at 20h at the Cinemes Illa Carlemany, Escaldes-Engordany. Richard Jewell. Directed by Clint Eastwood. Starring: Paul Walter Hauser, Sam Rockwell, Brandon Stanley. The Story:The true storyof a simple American security guard, Richard Jewell, who saves thousands of lives from an exploding bomb at the 1996 Olympics, but is vilified by journalists and the FBI who falsely reported that he was the terrorist.


Until Tuesday, 7th January at La Llacuna Cultural Centre, Andorra la Vella.5th Photo Marathon. Photographic exhibition of all the photos that participated in the Max Marathon &Family Marathonwith a total of 325 photographs distributed in 37 collections of the Max Marathon and in nine of the Family Marathon.The winning photos from the two categories (24 images) will be presented in printed versionsand the rest will be screened on a TV screen.

Until Thursday, 9th January at the Mama Maria Restaurant, Andorra la Vella. Urban landscapesby the artist Rafel Contreras Opening hours: Monday to Sunday from 12.30h to 20h in theMama Maria Gallery.

Until Sunday, 12th January at the Government gallery ARTALROC, Escaldes-Engordany. Entre el llambreig a la penombra (Between the glitter and the gloom)by Julio Vaquero.The show, curated by Christina de Vreeze, features works from various Foundations and private collections. A total of 25 works, including paintings and sculptures in different formats and from different stages of Vaquero’s artistic career, allows us to delve into his particular universe and understand the evolution of his artistic language.The black drawings of the artist’s early stage, the series of Stolen Museum, the most popular furniture sculptures and the latest paintings of flowers and plant forms will be present.

Vaquero conceives artistic practice as a process of constant research and experimentation, always deepening the study of light and the material quality of the painting. The artist, who has always painted straight from reality, creating in the studio the scenes he represents, gives colour and light a special autonomy to create scenes that go beyond the limits of realism and place the viewer in an everyday location which is, at the same time, mysterious and uncertain.Vaquero was born in 1958 in Barcelona, where he graduated in Fine Arts at the Faculty of Sant Jordi. Since the arrival of his first exhibition in 1987, also in the Catalan capital, he has exhibited in Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and the United States, as well as at numerous international fairs. In addition, his work is present in more than a dozen museums and public collections in Spain.

Until Friday, 26th June, in various places around Andorra la Vella and Sant Julià de Lòria. 25th International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women:1,255 Real Tales of Survivalby Susanna Ferran. The Service for Victims of Gender Violence (SAVVG) has, over the last thirteen years, been assisting 1,255 women in their recovery.From a holistic, person-centred perspective, the consequences of physical, psychological, sexual, economic and social violence for both women and their children have been addressed.The work, by the artist Susanna Ferran, collects experiences and gives voice to witnesses of gender violence who have gone to the Gender Violence Victims Assistance Service in the Equality Policies Area since it was
created in 2006.


8th to 31st January 2020 at La Llacuna Cultural Centre. Andorra la Vella

4th February to 19th April at the Government administration building, Prat de la Creu. Andorra la Vella.

21st April to 25th June at the University of Andorra, Plaça de la Germandat, Sant Julià de Lòria.

CHILDREN (All children’s activities are in Catalan unless otherwise stated).

Until Friday, 31st January all day starting in front of the Canillo Comú and Cable Car building. The life-size nativity scene Discover Christmas.Canillo invites you to a magical circuit for children and adults with scenes from Bethlehem and more than 200 life-size figures including the Holy Family, the baker, a shopkeeper, cattle, horses, chickens…An itinerary that will lead you to the Christmas characteristics, in which joy and happiness will be the protagonists. Let yourself be illuminated by the star of the Orient, which will guide you through the streets of the town, where you will find the most traditional Christmas scenes.

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