PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

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Monday, 3rd August at 19h at the Plaça Sant Miquel, Encamp. (Free) ONCA-Carrer: (ONCA in the streets) The Impossibles of Swing. Fusion of swing, rock-and-roll, boleros, rancheras, traditional music from the Pyrenees. ON-CARRER is a summer cycle in spaces and corners of all parishes, which will begin on July 13 in Sant Julià de Lòria, and end on August 26 in Ordino. Each formation will perform three sets of 20 to 25 minutes. The cycle will have a “casual” look to avoid audience concentration and encourage the “surprise” of finding music on the streets.

Tuesday, 4th August at 19h in the Plaça Sant Miquel, Encamp. (Free) ONCA-Carrer: Lady Scarlett. Blues, folk, bluegrass, gospel and country.

Tuesday, 4th August at 19.30h in the Plaça de l’Església de Sant Pere, Pas de la Casa. Encamp in Clau de llum with The Chills Trio and versions traditional songs, but with their own style and a unique colour. The Chill Trio are Susanne Georgi, Jordi Barceló, Efrem Roca Gayete. The careers of each of these performers have been accompanied by success, especially internationally: Susanne Georgi won two Gold Disc Awards in Japan; Jordi Barceló pianist of Lucrecia, Cotton Club Big Band, National Classical Orchestra of Andorra, Moncho, etc. and Efrem Roca of CNR Montpellier, BCN Sax Ensemble and Urban Sax Paris is also artistic director of the Andorra Sax Festival.

Tuesday, 4th August at 21h on the shores of Lake Engolasters, Escaldes-Engordany. Summer Nights 2020: Concert by the Odara Trio. From tonight’s menu: bossa nova, root music, flamenco…

Wednesday, 5th August at 16h in the Plaça of l’Església del Pas de la Casa. ONCA-Carrer: Concert Jamp Duo Author’s songs.

Wednesday, 5th August at 19h in the Plaça d’Engordany, EscaldesEngordany. (Free. Reservations essential at: Tel: 890 881 or [email protected] ) Engordany a duo: Concert with Old School. Old School perform in the new cycle Engordany a duo, a proposal of eclectic programming with duos of the country in a historical location of the parish, in the podium of Engordany. Old School is a band of rock versions that are presented in an acoustic format. Acoustic rock on the street with David Pérez (lead guitarist); Daniel Birch (vocals and guitar). The repertoire includes classic rock songs from the 50s to the present: Elvis, Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, Otis Redding, The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, AC / DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.

Wednesday, 5th August at 21h at the Plaça Major, Ordino. 24th Open Nights – Blue Note Band. The repertoire alternates the classics of jazz and blues through versions of well-known music such as “My way”, “Wonderful world”, “Blue moon” and others that you can discover.

Captivating the audience and making them enjoy a musical moment while remembering familiar melodies that have been part, sooner or later, of our musical culture, is our goal. Teresina Serra (piano); Guillem Tudó (saxophone and voice); Adrià Tudó (bass) and Oriol Tudó (drums)

Thursday, 6th August at 20h in the Plaça Sant Miquel, Encamp. Encamp in Clau de llum with Patxi Leiva. Every song I dedicate to you is to help you laugh, cry and dance, thinking of nothing but the energy flowing towards you. They say I have the ability to transmit positive energy. I can lift your spirits with my songs and make you dance to my performances. Every time I have the guitar in my hands and open my mouth, I think about how I can help you through my music and songs, the fact that you feel better right now and show not
one, but several smiles. But I’m here to give people like you my best talent, to connect with your emotions and bring it all out: joys and sorrows, smiles and euphoria. The satisfaction I feel as an artist is similar to how you feel as an audience when you’re at a concert full to the brim and you want more.

Thursday, 6th August at 16h in the Plaça de l’Església del Pas de la Casa. ONCA-Carrer: Teresina BSO in Pas de la Casa. Original soundtracks of the 21st century.

Saturday, 8th August at 21.30h at Anyós Park, Anyós, La Massana. Vibrand in Clau de Soul in concert. The best plans for Saturday are back with live music, the best food and all the health precautions! Don’t forget your mask and come and enjoy a concert of soul, funk, R&B, jazz, swing, reggae and bag by artists like Sting, Jamiroquai, Amy Winehouse, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Bruno Mars, Ray Charles and Aretha Franklin. A journey born of soul and exploring different musical styles and where you can enjoy the songs you like the most in an amazing way! With Virginia Yañez (keyboards and vocals); Marc Milian (bass, double bass and vocals) and Dante Falótico (drums, percussion and vocals.)

Friday, 7th August 7 – Saturday, 8th August at 21h at Hard Rock Café, Andorra la Vella. ( Reservations: Tel +376 811 888) DJ Nights at Hard Rock Cafe Andorra. Fridays and Saturdays in August, DJ themed sessions at the Hard Rock Cafe Andorra with DJ J-Nano

Saturday, 8th August at 20h at the Gardens Casa Areny-Plandolit, Ordino. (Prior reservation required by phone (+376) 836 908.)

Summer Nights 2020: ONCA concert plus quick painting. Racons del Mediterrani (Corners of the Mediterranean) is the offering of the Font Bartumeu duo from the ONCA, formed by Carolina Bartumeu on
cello and David Font on guitar. Litres and more litres of water surrounded by land: the Mediterranean, the island that is in the middle of an inexhaustible cultural amalgam. And, in every corner of the earth, a song of its own; in each port, sails of such different colours. As if it were the siren song, some of us stand by the sea with our eyes lost on the horizon and the same question always resonates inside us: What do the songs in the corners beyond say? What colours shine under the sun on the other side? Who are those who, so far away, wonder the same as me? During the performance, the graphic designer and illustrator Carol Garrido, with a colourful style that has become her unmistakable signature, with which she has illustrated children’s stories, board games and video games, will give a demonstration of quick painting that will then be auctioned among attendees who want to take one home.


Monday, 3rd August at 19h and 20h at the Parc de la Mola, Escaldes-Engordany. (Free. Reservations essential at: Tel: 890 881 or [email protected] ) Dressed in the sea. The ERA collective (Emma Riba, Xavi Pérez and David Font) offers a multidisciplinary show of dance, music and narration inspired by the Argentinean poet Alfonsina Storni. Voice, body, music and the sea merge in this show.

Thursday, 6th August at 19.45h in the Plaça de Les Fontetes, La Massana. Dance and circus (in two parts). Part I, Inhabiting spaces. An exercise of dialogue with the environment, a poetic ode to public space by Emma Riba and David Font. Habitant espais is a duet of movement and music that starts from the concept of real-time improvisation and composition, inspired by space, the environment and the present moment. They want to understand the nuances and uniqueness of each place they pass through, and to vindicate public space as an artistic and scenic space. And then ‘Monsters!’ by the company Riguel. This show is a meeting of monsters who, fed up with being scared, or not, want to show themselves to the world as they are. Monsters of all colours: giants, superpowers, other little ones, acrobatic monsters and dancing monsters. They will try to make friends, as many as they can, but will they succeed? Monstrosity will be the theme of various circus shows with cloth and trapeze, dance and theatre.

CHILDREN (all will be in Catalan unless stated otherwise.)

Monday, 3rd August at 15h in the Plaça de l’Església de Sant Pere, Pas de la Casa. Summer afternoons at Pas de la Casa with Ballaninia by Ai Carai. A family show to move everyone, from the youngest to the oldest, in the family. A journey through the songs of a lifetime but danced in a small group.

Tuesday, 4th August at 17h in Prat Gran, Encamp. Summer afternoons in Encamp with Antipasti. A curious Italian street food restaurant, run by two very special chefs: chef Marcelo Mascarpone and his assistant Pepino. Arriving directly from Naples, they will cook pasta, juggle tomatoes, bounce with meatballs, balance with pizzas, magic games with stoves, races with Vespas, rhythms with pots …

Their cuisine is a spectacle, although perhaps the end ends in disaster. Be brave and book a table at the Antipasti. Bon appetit !!!

Wednesday, 5th August at 15h at the Plaça de l’Església de Sant Pere, Pas de la Casa. Summer afternoons at Pas de la Casa with El burro dels jocs. A large toy library of traditional games consisting of 32 play areas with games from today, yesterday and forever. We find spaces with fashionable toys but presented in a traditional format; also playgrounds from the 20s and 40s. To give you an idea: a turntable, Catalan bowls, horses, skipping ropes, a sack race, horseshoes, hulahoops, musical games, giant board games, a puppet theatre, a trumpet, a steering wheel and stilts.

Wednesday, 5th August at 18h at Prat Gran, La Massana. (Free. Limited places.) Children’s Wednesday in El Prat Gran: What colour is a kiss? with Líquid Dansa. Minimoni loves to paint a thousand things in colours: red ladybirds, blue skies, yellow bananas …, but she has never painted a kiss. What colour should it be? Red as delicious tomato sauce? No, because it’s also the colour of when you’re angry … Must it be green like crocodiles, which have always seemed so nice to you? Impossible, because it’s the colour of vegetables and she doesn’t like them! How could I find out what colour kisses are? Through music, dance and the visual arts, Minimoni will delve into the world of colours in a journey to her own emotions.

Saturday, 8th August at 18h at the Plaça del Prat del Riu, Canillo. (Registration, for both this and the following event on Sunday, at the Department of Tourism and Cultural Development Tel: 753 624 or Canillo Tourist Office, Tel: 751 090.) Children’s spectacular: Trrr3s. With great enthusiasm, the Comú of Canillo resumes the
summer season of children’s activities in the Plaça del Prat del Riu. All the children of Canillo, Andorra, and those who are visiting us, will be able to enjoy two special shows for them this weekend. (* see 2nd event
below.) Capacity: in order to respect safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, places to sit will be signposted and masks must be worn. In case of rain, the activity will be moved to the Perecaus building.

Sunday, 9th August at 17h at the Vall d’Incles, Canillo. Children’s show: Jugajoglars.* With great enthusiasm, the Comú of Canillo resumes the summer season of children’s activities at Cap d’Incles (at the head of the Incles valley). Jugajoglars is an animated show that combines the most popular tunes with games for all ages to tell some of the most secret legends of Andorra, such as La dama Blanca d’Aubinyà (The White Lady of Auvinya) and L’estany d’engolasters (Engolasters Lake)


Saturday, 1st August – Sunday, 16th August in Canillo. The Flowering of the Parish, 2020. The Department of Tourism and Cultural Revitalization of the Municipality of Canillo once again is organizing the floral beautification contest. With the organization of this event we want, as the main objective, to beautify through vegetation and floral ornamentation, the gardens, the balconies, the corners and the businesses of the parish and to make Canillo the parish with the most charm and burst of colour of the Principality of Andorra. There
are four prize-winning categories: Tourist accommodation, Shops and Restaurants, Private houses, Private Balconies and Windows.

Tuesday, 4th August at 8.30h leaving from the Escaldes-Engordany Art Centre, Escaldes-Engordany. (Prior reservation required by phone (+376) 802 255.) Summer Nights 2020: Art Route. Urban itinerary through Escaldes to get closer to the public sculptures that form part of our everyday landscape: from the works of Josep Viladomat to the sculpture “Tardejant” by Mercè Ciaurriz.

Wednesday, 5th August at 19h throughout the village of Santa Coloma. (5€ from Andorra la Vella tourist office.) Summer Nights 2020. Theatrical performance: The Saint, the Russian and the Count. (in Catalan)

Thursday, 6th August from 9h – 13h at the Pont de la Plana, Escaldes-Engordany. (10€ or 5€ for children under 14. Reservations The Portal of the Valley. Tel. (+376) 823 000 – 322 379 or [email protected] ) Health baths. Activity aimed at enjoying nature, sounds and silence with all our senses. Walking,
breathing exercises, stretching, chakra alignment, self-massage, meditation and mantras in good company. (Bring sunscreen, water and a towel or mat so you can stretch out.)

Thursday, 6th August from 18h – 20h on the terraces of the parish, Escaldes-Engordany. Magic Thursday.

Thursday, 6th August from 9h – 13h (10€. For more information WhatsApp +376 322379 or email [email protected] All available in English* ) Health Bath in Nature in the Madriu Valley.

Thursday, 6th August at 17h at Prat Gran, Encamp. Summer afternoons in Encamp with Coloraines Band. The Coloraines Band understand parties in a fun, lively way, with a lot of rhythm and full of games and surprises. With this idea, some crazy animation people and good music are on stage together to present a musical journey with songs.

Friday, 7th August at 19h and 20h at the Casa Rull Museum, La Massana. Summer nights 2020: Theatrical visit to Casa Rull – in Catalan.

Friday, 7th August from 19h – 21h. Sunset Walk. Starting Point to be confirmed. (12€pp. Minimum 4 pax. See* above for Contacts/ info.)

Saturday, 8th August from 8h – 10h in Arinsal. (12€pp. Minimum 4 pax. See* above for Contacts/info.) Initiation into Meditation.

Saturday, 8th August from 10.30h – 14.30h. (50€pp 2pax min.) 4×4 Route to Tor. Collected from home..

Saturday, 8th August from 16h – 18h Ordino Valley. (12€pp min 4pax) Nordic Walking & Concert

Saturday, 8th August at 21.30h, 21.45h, 22h, and 22.15h in the Plaça Santa Anna, Escaldes-Engordany. (3€) Tourists and Bathers.

Les Escaldes has always been the parish of water. And so all those travellers who have trodden our valleys throughout history have recorded it. The baths, the sulphurous waters, the inns, the first bathers, the uses and customs of their people aroused the curiosity of famous travellers from the end of the 18th – 19th centuries to the present day. Several travellers wrote unpublished information in their newspapers that helps us to imagine what Andorra was like before. But they tell us not only about water, but also about the peasantry, the
cultivation of tobacco, its inhabitants… Funny anecdotes, customs, names and curious facts that give us a fresh look at the most beautiful pubilla in Andorra. A fun and enjoyable way to get to know the history
of Escaldes-Engordany a little more!

Saturday, 8th August at 19h in various areas of Andorra la Vella. (5€. Prior reservation and ticket sales at the Andorra la Vella Tourist Office, or by phone (+376) 750 100.) Summer Nights 2020: Anton Fiter and Rossell is waiting for a visit’. Dr. Anton Fiter i Rossell, episcopal veguer and author of the famous Manual Digest, is
looking forward to a visit of a former fellow student at the University of Huesca. He wants to teach him about Andorra. But Dr. Picatoste, his friend, is no longer the same good-natured young man with whom he had shared a classroom.

Sunday, 9th August at At 11h, 11:15h, 11:30h and 11:45h in the Plaça Santa Anna, Escaldes-Engordany. (3€) Tourists and bathers.

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