PICK OF THE WEEK: Monday, 2nd December – Sunday, 8th December, 2019

BEWARE: Purisima/Pre-Christmas gridlock comes to Andorra this coming weekend! Everyone and his dog arrives by car to Christmas shop and to ski. And there’s just not enough parking in Andorra la Vella.
So try to steer clear of downtown.


Saturday, 7th December at 21.30h at the Church of Sant Pere Màrtir, Escaldes-Engordany. (Tickets: 10€ from the Escaldes Engordany Comú and Tourist Office). Gospel Night with The Campbell Brothers. A concert in the framework of the festival, Els grans del gòspel. An explosive combination of blues, soul and, of course, gospel. Their mission is to share the tradition of music and prayers and to show the huge and flexible potential of the steel guitar. Apotheosis of musical energy and joyful hope in the genre of sacred steel. Chuck Campbell (pedal steel guitar); Darick Campbell (lap steel guitar); Phil Campbell (electric guitar); Carlton Campbell (drums): Malcom Kirby (bass); Katie Jackson, Tiffany Godette and Joyce Cinnamon Jones (vocals).

Saturday, 7th December at 22.30h at the cafè-teatre-pub La Fada Ignorant, Andorra la Vella. Concerts at La Fada: Jay Lemon. Jay Lemon (aka Albert Burrut) from Tarragona, will stop in Andorra during his tour promoting his new English album, Coming True. A record that shows the interior world of an architect, singer and composer who has John Mayer, Amy Winehouse, Prince and Bruno Mars as some of his main references. My Angel, Mondays and Shake Your Mind are some of the songs that resonate loudest, revealing an energetic and sincere artist.


PANTOMIME 2019 (in English) – ALADDIN

Sunday 8th December at 12h in the Teatre de Les Fontetes, La Massana. Free – with the chance to make a charitable donation, almost certainly to La Geverna, the Andorran children’s home at the end. They of course come to enjoy the show too. PANTOMIME 2019 – ALADDIN. Undoubtedly the most popular family event in the International Community’s Christmas Calendar. Directed & narrated by Sandra Wheatley with great help from her co-director, Frances Doonan and a multinational cast of 30 children and 10 adults (with another 10 helping behind the scenes). Performers are aged from 2 to 84 and of course you, the audience are included.

There will be singing and dancing and acting, so do come along and support the good guys and boo the baddies. Large signs held up by stage managers show what you have to shout out, e.g half the audience shouts things like “Oh no she didn’t!” followed by the other half responding with “Oh yes she did!” An entertainment full of fun for all. Originating in Rome, Pantomime was brought to England from Italy in the 17th century and
has flourished ever since. Reserve your place NOW while seats last for this year’s panto by emailing [email protected] or call/whatsapp Sandra on 364 153.



from Friday, 29th November – Sunday, 29th December

El Poblet de Nadal brings magic and delight to Andorra la Vella. A set of spectacular proposals will fill the streets with animations, games, colour and an enchanting atmosphere that will help us live the Christmas holidays with more intensity.

* Christmas market
* Market tasting
* Large format shows
* Carols
* Aion of Christmas
* Post office for Father Christmas
* Christmas lights and sounds
* Traditional games from around the world
* Synthetic ice toboggan track


From Friday 6th – Sunday, 8th December From 11h – 20h.

FRIDAY: 11h – 20h Christmas Fair, in the Plaça Mayor, the Plaça of the Tourist Office and the Era of Ordino. 10h – 14h and 15h –18h Free visits to Casa Areny-Plandolit Museum, Postal Museum and Exhibition Hall Era del Raser. 11h – 14h and 16h – 20h a circuit of outdoors traditional games to share with family and friends on the Main Street. At the same times Magic Mirror in the Tourist Office plaça. 12h Curling Rink in the Tourist Office plaça.18h Switching on the Christmas Lights with the participation of the folkdance group Esbart de les Valls del Nord in Carrer Major.

SATURDAY 11h – 20h Christmas Fair, in the Plaça Mayor, the Plaça of the Tourist Office and the Era of Ordino. 10h – 14h and 15h – 18h Free visits to Casa Areny-Plandolit Museum, Postal Museum and Exhibition Hall Era del Raser. 11h – 14h and 16h – 20h a circuit of outdoors traditional games to share with family and friends on the Main Street. At the same times Magic Mirror in the Tourist Office plaça. 11h Handicrafts Workshop for children run by La Capsa in the Plaça Mayor. 11h – 14h and 16h – 20h. Curling Rink in the
Tourist Office plaça. 12h Concert by the Casamanya Choir at the Plaça of the Ferino.16:30h Children’s Spectacular on Calle Mayor. 17h – 19h Workshop (5€) Painting wood to make Christmas decorations in the Plaça Mayor. 18h Workshop: velvet mandala in the Carrer Major. 18h Concert by the students of the music school of the Valls del Nord in the Ordino parish church. 18h Family treasure hunt: find your Christmas Tió at the Plaça Prat de Call. (Prior inscription needed, 878 100).

SUNDAY: 11h – 20h Christmas Fair, in the Plaça Mayor, the Plaça of the Tourist Office and the Era of Ordino. 11h Handicrafts Workshop: Velvet Mandala for children in the Carrer Major 11h – 14h Curling Rink in the Tourist Office plaça. 11h Street theatre. Performance of the traditional Ossa (bear) story.


Saturday, 7th December from 10h – 20h in the Plaça Sant Miquel, Encamp. Christmas Market 2019 Another of the pre-Christmas acts is the traditional Christmas Market, which this year is organized by the Encamp Business Association (AEE) with the collaboration of the Encamp Comú. There will be various stands and handicraft products. In addition, the Christmas Market will have several activities as detailed below:

11h Distribution of Coca sweet cake offered by Casal bakery, the Forn de les Bons and the Bar On Anem 11h Itinerant show. From 11:30h – 13:30h Photomontage and workshop by Espectacles Pirineus. 12h Performance by the folk dancers L’Esbart Sant Romà with live music. 14h Distribution of soup by Caliu d’en Josep, El Creper Restaurant and La Granja Roc Arnau. From 16h – 17h Magic Show by Gatzara. 17h Distribution of Coca offered by Casal bakery, the Forn de les Bons and the Bar On Anem. 17h Itinerant Show. 19h Hot wine distributed by Maxicurs.


From Friday 6th – Sunday, 8th December in the Plaça de Les Fontetes, La Massana. Here comes Christmas! Skating rink, workshops, dance shows, concerts, animations, etc. (Collect full programme from tourist office.)


Monday 2nd – Wednesday, 4th December at 20h at the Cinemes Illa Carlemany, Escaldes-Engordany. Knives Out. Directed by Rian Johnson, Starring: Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, Ana de Armas. The Story: When a crime novelist, patriarch of an eccentric, combative family, dies just after his 85th birthday, an inquisitive detective arrives at his estate to investigate. He sifts through a web of red herrings and self-serving lies to uncover the truth behind the writer’s untimely demise.

CHILDREN (All children’s activities are in Catalan unless otherwise stated.).

Monday, 2nd December at 18h in the Canillo Library. Storytelling Nadal del Pere Perot (The Christmas of Pere Perot.) This is the story of Pere Perot, a sad man, dirty and smelly … and on his own on Christmas Day. This is the story of the creatures of a town … kidnapped on Christmas Day. This is the story of a playful demon … eager to wreck Christmas Day. This is the story of an angel of the wild guard … and with work on Christmas Day. This is the story of some tions from hell … This is the story of many more things … on Christmas Day.

Saturday, 7th December at 10.30h at the Escaldes-Engordany Art Centre. (Free. For children aged 6 – 11. Pre book with Tel 802 255 or [email protected]. It is recommended to wear overalls or old clothes.) Water Saturdays. White and blue creative Recycling Workshop with Eva Gonzáles. Think green, recycle, be creative … and use recycled materials to help us decorate your home and the Escaldes-Engordany Art Center (CAEE). We propose six workshops. Each child can choose what activity he or she starts with and progresses to make ornamental from diverse material.

Saturday, 7th December at 11h at the University Municipal Library, Sant Julià de Lòria. (Children 5 and over. Pre-booking required: Tel 744 044 or [email protected])

French storytelling: Divers contes d’hiver (Various Winter stories) told by Terre de Lune v Saturday, 7th December at 11.30h at the Tobacco Museum, Sant Julià de Lòria. (These are family sessions aimed at children aged from 5 –12 accompanied by an adult. Prior booking is required by calling 741 545. The registration date will be the previous day, Friday, to the activity until 16.30h.) A family Escape Game at the Tobacco Museum. During the session attendees will travel to Andorra from 1918, and they will find Pure and Cali, two cigarette makers looking for ways to exterminate the plague of Cogollero del Tabaco, a lepidoptera that is killing off plantations all over Andorra. The assistants will have to help Cali and the Pure to find the antidote by solving tests of ingenuity, dexterity, deduction, reasoning, among others, to exterminate the lepidoptera within an hour.


Naturlandia opened 10 Km of cross country pistes last weekend and also continues with the activities of the 1,600m and the 2,000m zones. Today, at the lower level, the snow measured 10cms whereas at the highest zones the thickness was over 30cm. We remind you that in this same area you can also go snowshoeing or receive basic ski classes, but always reserve in advance. In parallel to the opening of the ski slopes, the activities of the mini tubby slide and the Tubby slide are maintained, as well as the animal park and nature class, children’s workshops and the area of sleighs for children at the 2,000m height. At level 1600, the Tobotronc, the Airtrekk and its zip line, the children’s buggy circuit, archery and the inflatable maze are also operating with the forecast that Naturlandia will consolidate, this December, the good participation registered throughout this year.

All activities of snowmobile and mini bikes will remain closed for security reasons until a new snowfall is reached that allows them to practice with the highest benefits. The various restaurants located in levels 1600 and 2000 remain open.

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