PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

Main places:

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Monday, 20th February is a Public Holiday

Check out times of Carnival Parades to avoid traffic hold ups


FRIDAY, 17th February at 11h in the Prat del Riu. Carnival Parade by the boys and girls of the educational systems of Canillo followed by a Children’s Show: Visca el Carnaval – ai Carai

Saturday, 18th February at 16h, departure of the harlequins from the Perecaus building. Hanging of His Majesty Carnestoltes in the old Casa Comun and Parade of harlequins throughout the Parish accompanied by Canillo’s Band Tocant.

– At 21h Fellowship dinner and from 23h DJ session with costume contest in the Perecaus building.( DJ session free entry. Price of dinner 25€. Sale of tickets at www.canillo.ad, Limited places.)

Sunday, 19th February at 17h30 in the Perecaus building. Children’s dance by Lali Begood and cake and chocolate.

Monday, 20th February at 11h at the Palau de Gel viewpoint.

Mask and make-up workshop. All children who come in costume will enjoy free admission to the afternoon ice rink session.

– 17h Sausage BBQ for all followed by the trial and the burning of His Majesty Carnestoltes in the Plaça Telecabina. (Price 2€. Registration: Tourist Office, 753 600)


SATURDAY, 18th February at 12h in the Plaça del Consell, Encamp. Hanging of HM the King Carnival. The hanging is defined as an act where social and political satire has a prominent place and is the activity that sets the script for the rest of the performances.

– 13h Performance by folkdance group Esbart Sant Romà in the

Plaça del Consell, Encamp. Esbart Sant Romà will offer a performance created especially for Carnaval. Its members will introduce us to traditional music and help us enjoy a show that has already become a tradition for the festival.

Esbart Sant Romà was created in 1989 with the aim of cultivating and spreading traditional dances. From 1992, it drifted towards more contemporary forms, without shying away from the folkloric and traditional imperative. Once again, for Carnival, we will be able to enjoy the ensemble of dancers and the magnificent choreographies and costumes on the streets.

– 15h Parade of floats and troupes on the streets of Encamp

Experience one of the most colourful and crowded activities of the Encamp Carnival! The parade of floats and troupes brings together young and old to enjoy an afternoon full of costumes, music and cheerful atmosphere. Which floats and themes will surprise us this year?

– 18h Children’s party & ‘Just Dance’ in the Sala de Festes Party Hall of the Encamp Sports and Sociocultural Complex, Encamp

The Party Hall of the Complex d’Encamp will become a leisure and fun room for the little ones, who will be able to enjoy a party full of colours and music. In addition, they will be able to move to the rhythm of ‘Just Dance’ and participate in a dance activity that will surprise them.

– 22h30 Themed night ‘Welcome to the jungle’ in the Sala de Festes Party Hall of the Encamp Sports and Sociocultural Complex, Encamp. Discover the themed Carnival nights, where you can win a prize of 250 euros for the best adult costume! The first party with its own style will be Welcome to the jungle, The Sala de Festes will become an Amazonian jungle! In addition, during the night there will be a performance by the cover group La banda del coche rojo and, subsequently, a disc jockey session with DJ Moncho and Ernest Codina.

Come and enjoy the night and, wearing an original costume that follows the theme, you might win 250 euros!

SUNDAY, 19th February at 6h30 Traditional General awakening by loud hailers on the streets of Encamp. It’s time to get up early for the events that follow in the streets of Encamp: animation and a lot of energy will give way to the traditional killing of the pig!

– 8h30 Slaughter of the pig at Travessa de l’Areny, Encamp.

– 16h The Trial of the Smugglers and Sausage BBQ for all at the Plaça dels Arínsols, Encamp. Part of the products from the slaughter will also be used to represent His Majesty the King’s Carnival Operation (which will take place on Tuesday, 21st February at 22h30). The Trial of the Smugglers, although it is a ritual originating in the 19th century or the first decades of the 20th century, has been performed since the 1950s based on a script written by Rossend Marsol,  known as  Sícoris.

The performance is celebrated on Carnival Sunday and begins when some young people dressed as smugglers and loaded with typical backpacks of hessian-covered bundles of cigarette cartons, come down the mountain to run through the streets of the town chased by a patrol of Spanish carabinieri, who end up catching the whole Six Fingers gang. The smugglers, flanked by the guards, are taken to the square to be tried by an Andorran court, composed of the prosecutor and the judge, and with the executioner waiting by their side. After a trial where their lawyer makes several speeches in defence of the smugglers. He succeeds in convincing the judge, thanks to a bundle of bills passed underhand to him, and then acquits the accused. At the end of the performance, a popular sausage fry-up will be held in Travessera del Prat de l’Areny, with the sausages made from the pig slaughter that took place in the morning.

– 17h30 Children’s party and magic show with Marc Ferrer + children’s costume contest in the Sala de Festes of the Sports and Sociocultural Complex of Encamp, Encamp. The Party Hall will host a children’s Carnival party for the little ones and the magic show of the great Marc Ferrer, who will surprise us all with his unimaginable tricks!

Registration for The fancy dress contest will take place directly before the start at the Sports Complex. The prizes for the competition will be three family experiences in parish establishments.

The prizes for the children’s costume contest are as follows:

1st Prize: 1 night at the Domo Lodge for 4 people

2nd Prize: 1 night at Cabana Piolet for 4 people

3rd Prize: 1 meal at the Solanelles Restaurant for 4 people

– 18h Afternoon dance for the elderly with ‘Euphoria’ in the Casal del Poble, Encamp. The Casal del Poble d’Encamp will host an afternoon of dance for the elderly with the ‘Euphoria’ cover version group. Music and fun are guaranteed!

– 22h Night themed Love history in the Sala de Festes of the Encamp Sports and Sociocultural Complex, Encamp. Discover the themed Carnival nights, where you can win a prize of 250 euros for the best adult costume! The Sala de Festes will become an entertainment room of the 80s! In addition, during the night there will be the performance of the cover group Dalton Bang, the awarding of the floats and troupes competition and a chronological party of the 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s… with DJ Moncho , DJ JM Castells and Sergi Domene. Come and enjoy the night and wear an original costume that follows the theme and you can win 250 euros!

MONDAY, 20th February at 22h in the Sala de Festes of the Encamp Sports and Sociocultural Complex, Encamp. Themed night: Fluor the sea. Discover the themed Carnival nights, where you can win a prize of 250 euros for the best adult costume! The hall will become an ocean! In addition, during the night there will be a performance by La Banda Neon and a DJ session with DJ Moncho, DJ Mon and Juacko DJ.

– 15h30 on the streets of Encamp: Passacarres with the ‘Xaranga Estrella Band. The streets of the town of Encamp will be filled with music and fun with the ‘Xaranga Estrella Band’ parade.

– 16h in the Prat de l’Areny car park, Encamp. The Dance of the

Bear and distribution of garlic and oil. Encamp’s Bear Dance, declared an Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, is a farse estimated to have started during the Middle Ages. Since the 1950s, this performance has followed a script written Rossend Marsol: Sícoris.

The performance begins with the arrival of the Lord and Lady in a horse-drawn carriage. They arrive in the field and hire the scythemen to cut the grass. The scythemen are fighting with each other, while the foreman uses a cane to beat those who are laziest. There is a moment of rest under a pine tree where all the scythemen gather and sing old folk songs like ‘La gràcia d’un pobre home’ and ‘Sega-me-la arran’. Then someone appears on a donkey, carrying a basket full of food to feed the youngsters. It’s not just any meal, as La  Fregona  has a very peculiar way of giving the scythemen a snack.  Suddenly, a fierce roar stops the revelry in its tracks, and Ossa appears, arriving in the field  guided  by the smells of food. All he wants is to feed on what’s inside the basket. Once it has begun to enjoy the food, some hunters arrive who, after a struggle with the animal, manage to shoot the beast down.

Finally, the master and mistress arrive, who distribute a bag of wages to those present as a reward. They gather and together they sing the song ‘ Eixa  nite hem mort la ruca’.

After the performance of Ball de l’Ossa there will be the traditional distribution of garlic and oil in Travessera del Prat de l’Areny.

– 17h30 in the Sala de Festes of the Encamp Sports and

Sociocultural Complex. Children’s party & ‘Karaoke’ The Sala de Festes will host a children’s Carnival party for the little ones, who will be able to enjoy an afternoon full of colours and music with the ‘Karaoke’ activity prepared there!

TUESDAY, 21st February at 19h in the Plaça del Consell, Encamp. The Lowering of the hung HM the King Carnestoltes. We begin the final stretch of the Carnival celebration with the descent of His Majesty the Carnival King. The hanging will have taken place in the  Plaza  del Consell General and later the operation will be carried out (in the Congress Hall) to save the life of our beloved Carnestoltes. On Carnival Tuesday, the day that all of Andorra buries the sardine, in Encamp there is an urgent intervention for His Majesty the Carnival King, for whom, after being hung for four days in the Plaça del Consell, attempts are made to prevent him dying because he doesn’t have to resign himself to leaving Carnival and debauchery behind.

The intervention is an attempt to reanimate the carnival spirit, with a very peculiar ‘medical team’ that performs a unique operation on the Carnival effigy, consisting of removing the organs from the entrails. (These are from the slaughter of the pig on Sunday morning…)

The operation will have the participation of the guest artist Pep Plaza and a session by DJ Moncho.

– 23h30 in the Sala de Festes of the Encamp Sports and

Sociocultural Complex Monologue by Pep Plaza. The artist Pep Plaza is this year’s star guest at HM King Carnival’s Operation. After trying to revive the king, Pep  Plaza  will offer a monologue to all  attendees in the Complex’s Sala de Festes,.

TUESDAY, 21st February at 11h in the Municipal Library of Pas de la Casa. (Places limited. Reservation in advance to: +376 856 787 or [email protected]) Children’s workshop: Masks with the hand of the Sea. Carnival is a festival known worldwide, a means of expression that many boys and girls value and enjoy. With the workshop ‘Masks, from the sea’, offered by the Pas de la Casa communal library, children will make carnival masks using cardboard and other materials.

WEDNESDAY, 22nd February at 00h30 in the Sala de festes of the Sports and Sociocultural Complex of Encamp. DJ session with DJ Moncho. DJ Moncho will be in charge of putting an end to the Carnival nights with a session full of music and fun!

-20h at the Travessa de l’Areny, Encamp. Reading of the last wishes of HM the Carnival King. On Wednesday, after some good sardines* in front of Plaça dels  Arínsols, the last wishes of His Majesty the Carnival King will be read and his burial will

proceed. Unfortunately, poor Carnestoltes did not survive the operation due to the inexperience of the ‘doctors’.

-20h30 in the Travessa de l’Areny, Encamp. Sardines for all – (A new one on me!) The last meal of the Carnival celebrations will be the traditional popular sardine. Young and old can enjoy an act of brotherhood and shared food, closing the party under the heat of the flames and sabotaging the best sardines!

(Presumably derived from the Spanish ‘Burial of the Sardine” which is an annual Spanish ceremony celebrating the end of Carnival. The “Burial” generally culminates with the burning of a symbolic figure, usually a huge paper representation of a sardine. The “Burial of the Sardine” is celebrated on Ash Wednesday and is a symbolical burial of the past to allow society to be reborn, transformed and with new vigour.

– 21h in the Travessa de l’Areny Encamp. Fireworks display at the end of the party. The final point of the 2023 Carnival celebration in Encamp will be the fireworks display. With this show of lights and colours in the sky we will put an end to one of the most representative parties of the parish!


Carnival Ordino 2023

From Friday, 17th – Wednesday, 22nd February

FRIDAY, 17th February at 10h30. Carnival parade by the schoolchildren of Ordino along the Carrer Major d’Ordino and Plaça Major

-18h  Hanging of Carnestoltes and Carnival sermon in the Plaça Mayor.

MONDAY, 20th February

12h  Performance of Smugglers and the Theft of the Cooking pot. Plaça Major

13h. Distribution of broth from the Carnaval cauldron. Plaça Major

16h. Children’s fancy dress obstacle race (full costume must be worn) Plaça Major.

WEDNESDAY 22nd February

17h Free workshop: “We put on a helmet for Carnival” La Capsa, Creation space. (From 5 years upwards. Pre-registration: 344 506)

19h. Burial of Carnestoltes and reading of the testament in the

Plaça Major Followed by sardines for all. Price €2 with a Photo Call

Carnival 2023 School holidays: Youth Information Point (PIJ)

From Tuesday 21st to Thursday, 23rd February 2023
(45.20€ for the week)

Tuesday 21st: Visit to the 360º Extreme

Wednesday 22nd: Mixed games tournament at Punt 400 in La Massana.

Thursday, 23rd: Escape Room. Then from 21h – 23h: Discogel – Carnival Party, at the Ice Palace. (Free activity with prior registration, with all Punts Joves d’Andorra)

Friday 24th: Visit to Zero Latency


Carnival in Massana

From Friday, 17th to Thursday, 23rd February 2023
Various places around La Massana

Come and enjoy the carnival activities in La Massana: street parade, children’s costume competition, workshops…

FRIDAY, 17th February starting at 11h Great children’s parade by the schools of La Massana leaving from the Plaça de l’Esglèsia and through the streets of La Massana. (Beware traffic holdups.)

Sunday, 19th February in La Closeta from 17h (inscriptions from 16h30 – 17h) Children’s Fancy dress parade and prizegiving.

Thursday, 23rd February at 11h at La Capsa creative space. (prior inscriptions at 344 506.) Carnival artistic workshop for everyone: Put on your helmet.



SATURDAY, 18th February starting at 18h. Andorra’s largest street parade with competition of troupes and choreographies

Exit from Parc de la Mola – c/ de la Constitució - av. Carlemany – av. Meritxell – one way through Plaça Guillemó and arrival at Plaça Príncep Benlloch, opposite the Comú d’Andorra la Vella.

After which there will be a sausage sizzle BBQ for all and

A party in the Consortium Hall of the Congress Center with a parade/performance by the troupes that have entered the choreography competition. Before the end of the party, the winners of the troupe and choreography competitions will be announced .

Prizes Best troupes: 1st €550 / 2nd €400 / 3rd €300 / 4th €250

Best choreographies: 1st €350 / 2nd €300 / 3rd €250

Family troupe: €250.


From Monday 13th to Friday, 24th February
Different places in the parish

SATURDAY 18th February from 17h Plaça de la Germandat

From 11h to 14h. Creative space run by the Art School aimed at children aged 3 to 11 with their adult relatives in the Casa Comuna. (More information on 744 044. Free workshop without prior registration. Entry according to capacity.)

– 17h Children’s and youth gymnasium with the Escolta and Guia Lauredià Group in the Plaça de la Germandat (Information and registrations on tel. 744 044 or at Espai Laurèdia Jove.)

Followed by a parade with the Witch Tecla by the Colla de Gianters of Sant Julià de Lòria


Exit from Plaça Sant Roc, c/ Dr. Palau, c/ Casa Comuna and arrival at Plaça de la Germandat

And then the opening proclamation and hanging of Carnerstoltes by the Wizards in the Plaça de la Germandat

NOTE: In case of bad weather, the activities will be cancelled.

SUNDAY, 19th February from 18h30 in different spaces of the parish, Sant Julià de Lòria. The Grand Parade of the Tecla Witch, and the troupes of Wizards, Demons, Puppeteers and Rippers.

– Competition of floats and troupes. The participating floats and troupes will parade through the street.


Departure from Plaça Francesc Cairat, av. Verge de Canòlich, c/ Bra. Riera, av. Rocafort, av. Virgin of Canòlich and arrival at Plaça de la Germandat

Then, musical entertainment by the Cocktail Elegant orchestra.
Parade of the participants of the Competition of floats and troupes.
Deliberation of the jury, awarding of prizes and end of party in the

Plaça de la Germandat
NOTE: In case of bad weather, the activities will be cancelled.

– 20h30 Sausage BBQ for all in the Plaça de la Germandat

MONDAY, 20th February from 17h in the Plaça de la Germandat,

– 17h Children’s entertainment show  ”Xaxipiruli” followed by

the hanging, trial and burning of Carnestoltes by the Wizards.

NOTE: In case of bad weather, the activity will be cancelled.

And that, dear residents is, I believe, a total of 34 Carnival events on offer –nearly all by amateurs and free – in our extraordinary little country.


A series of concerts by Vibrand en Clau de Soul (in Key of soul)

– Saturday, 18th February at 12h at the Hotel Ushuaia, Arinsal, La Massana. Enjoy a calçotada with DJ and live music in Arinsal! The band will perform your favourite songs by artists such as Sting, Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Bruno Mars, among many others and in an amazing way. Come recharge your batteries to the rhythm of funk, soul, reggae, swing, jazz and soul with us!

– ALSO on SATURDAY at 21h30 at the Hotel Marco Polo, La Massana and finally on

– MONDAY, 20th February at 21h30 at the Hotel Màgic, La Massana

Saturday, 18th February at 21h30 at the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella. Wally’s on IQOS. Afro house session.

Thursday 23 February at 19h30 in the IQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella AfterWork with Richy Vuelcom on IQOS. Organic house session to disconnect in the centre of Andorra.

Friday, 24th February at 21h30 Valentino on IQOS in theIQOS Lounge, Andorra la Vella. After studying classical music, Valentino got into electronic music. Mixing house and electro styles, he brings a touch of live music with his electric cello.


NEW. Until Saturday, 25th February at the Taranmana, Escaldes-Engordany, Passeig del Valira, 7, AD700 Escaldes-Engordany
(Tel.: +376 336 253) An Exhibition of textile art by Yen-Yu Tseng.

Taiwanese textile artist, awarded a Faber Andorra residency, Yen-Yu Tseng exhibits her textile art installation ‘Balance’ and the sculptures of ‘La Massana 1-10′ created during her stay at the residence. The design combines her innovative technique in textile art and puppetry, and is intended to be a series of clothing sculptures about characters who live in La Massana, which the artist will create from the memory of the local collective and of her experience as a resident.

Yen-Yu Tseng is a Taiwanese artist with great visual talent, creating from old pieces, textile waste and using her own textile technique, wrapping, as a form of sculpture and installation. In 2015 she completed a master’s degree in fine arts. Her works have been selected in a large number of international textile art events, such as the recent 11th edition of the triennial exhibition of mini-textiles at the Musée Jean-Lurçat et de la Tapisserie Contemporaine (France), and the 10th edition biennial of the International Fiber Arts X at the Sebastopol Centre for the Arts (USA). After winning the 16th Li Chun-Shan Visual Art Prize in 2020, this year she presents her fourth and fifth solo exhibitions at the Materia Centre and La Sarre Art Centre (Canada).

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10h – 13h and 16h – 19h. (Exceptionally, open this Saturday from 11h – 13h)

NEW. Exhibition until Saturday, 15th April at the Sala Sergi Mas, Sant Julià de Lòria. (Registrations: [email protected] The art of wood carving and its artisans. This is a journey through its artisans, Lauredians in this case, but who represent the entire Pyrenean community, of this art considered lesser than wood carving and music making. From the oldest pieces dated from the 17th century, until well into the 20th century, when this activity became entertainment in the face of the inevitable incursion of industrialization.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday from 16h – 20h. Saturdays from 10h – 13h and from 16h – 20h

Until Saturday, 18th February, 2023. At the Centre d’Art d’Escaldes-Engordany, Escaldes-Engordany. Exhibition “Fernand Léger. A bright and transparent universe” The painter Fernand Léger created a new, particular and vitalist language that expresses the modernity of the first half of the 20th century. An exhibition in which you can contemplate the language through which Léger unleashed his revolutionary interpretation of reality through imposing figures and an original conception of colour detached from form.

“ Let’s go, I think, to a new form of society, a bit risky, a luminous and transparent human society .”

Until Sunday, 7th January, 2024 at the Thyssen Museum, Escaldes-Engordany (Rates – with audio-guide included: General admission: €9. Reduced rate: from 18 to 30 years, +65 years and Crèdit Andorrà customers: €5 Free admission for those under 18 years) Khroma. The emotional universe of colour’. The Carmen Thyssen Andorra Museum hosts its seventh exhibition, an exhibition that aims to delve into the particular importance of each colour and how this appreciation can vary from one person to another.

Colours have historically been associated with moods, as well as very specific situations. Beyond the purely artistic aspect, Khroma concentrates on the study of sensations and invites each visitor to become the key element of the emotional message that will be transmitted throughout the visit.

This chromatic journey, illustrating 34 works by 35 artists ranging from the 19th century to pop and contemporary art, focuses on six colour groups, each of which recreates a monochrome story, ultimately resulting in an overall polychrome that embodies the links between all the presented works. This year, the public will be able to admire one of the works of the famous Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky and, alongside him, many other creators from all over the world.

Opening Hours; From Tuesday to Friday, from 10h – 18h. Saturdays from 10h – 19h. Sundays from 10h –14h. Mondays, closed

NOTE: Last access to exhibition 30 min. before closing.

Until Sunday, 26th February at the Cultural Centre La Llacuna, Andorra la Vella. There are chairs to rent. Small, large, colourful, wooden, upholstered or lattice chairs! There are all kinds. Come closer to La Llacuna and you will see the collection of restored chairs in the Escola d’Art restoration workshop.

Until Sunday, 26th February in the Sociocultural Building l’Estudi, Ordino. Stories to live. A photo exhibition to celebrate the World Day of Transplant Patients. The @cthyssenandorra is the first place to host the 11 photographs that make up the exhibition and that collects the portraits of the stories of patients from Andorra who have received a transplant thanks to the solidarity of donors.

The exhibition by the photographer Chiqui Novis, which will tour the different parishes for nearly a year, is a new initiative to raise awareness among the population about the need to take the path towards a health system that allows organ and other donations in order to improve the quality of life of the people affected and, in some cases, save lives.

Opening hours: From Monday to Friday from 9h – 20h, Saturdays from 9h – 13h.

Until Thursday, 2nd March at the Cultural Centre La Llacuna, Andorra la Vella. Linked stories.

The Youth course of the School of Art presents Linked stories’, an exhibition in which they show us their illustrated books with great gifts of originality.

Until Sunday, 23rd April at the MW Electricity Museum, Encamp. (Limited places. Prior reservation required: 376 739 111 or  [email protected]) Photography exhibition: “A sustainable view”. What is sustainability for you? How would you capture it in a photograph?

If the eyes are the mirror of the soul, the photographs are the mirror of our emotions. Winners of A sustainable look photographic competition. The thirteen photographers participating in this exhibition have captured their vision of sustainability and the impact of human beings on the planet.

Each person has their own view on sustainability, but we strive to make it a more conscious view and with an intention to improve.

Nature returns its reflection to us depending on how we treat it. Let’s observe it and take care of it to look to the future with hope.

Opening Hours: From Tuesday to Saturday from 9h30 – 13h30 and from 315h – 18h30. Sunday from 10h – 14h.turday, 4th February at the Massana Municipal Library, La Massana, Ordino. Painting exhibition by Pilar Jaraute. Pilar has been a student of La Capsa since last year, but she has been painting for a few years, mainly due to a chronic illness. She started practicing alone and occasionally went to classes with a teacher, it wasn’t until last year that she signed up for La Capsa to continue learning. She lives in La Massana, and has been in Andorra for more than 40 years. Creative at heart, her technique is acrylic but she also invents and creates from nothing… She paints landscapes, flowers, animals and everything that inspires her and her goal is to practice as much as possible in order to approach Hyperrealism.

In this exhibition we will be able to see mainly landscapes, many of which can be recognised and, as a star work, she presents a triptych made in an old window where, when the shutters are opened, we can admire a mountain landscape.

Until Tuesday, 28th February at the Comic Museum, Plaça de les Fontetes, La Massana 40 tacos 40 motorbikes (Johnny Roqueta. 1982 – 2022) Opening hours: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 15h –19h, Wednesday: 10h – 14h, Saturday:10h – 14h and 15h – 19h. Closed Sunday and Monday.

Until Sunday, 27th August, 2023 at the Casa d’Areny-Plandolit Museum, Ordino. (Admission: €2.50. Free on September 25th and 26th. The last access to the room will be 30 mins. before closing.) Abracadabra: Illusionism and magic in Cal Plandolit. Discover one of the least known facets of the iconic Areny-Plandolit family – the connection between some of its members within the world of magic, where they stood out prominently on the Spanish and international scene during the first half of the twentieth century.

Until Saturday, 30th September, 2023 at the Bike Lab Andorra · Andorra Bicycle Museum, Andorra la Vella. The woman and the bicycle’ Temporary exhibition of the Bici Lab Andorra museum. The temporary exhibition with which the museum opens, The woman and the bicycle’ explains how this invention was a symbol and also a battlefield to fight first for female emancipation and, nowadays, towards equality between women and men. Thirteen stories of women cyclists from all time illustrate small big moments of women’s relationship with two wheels from the end of the 19th century to the present day. And from using the bike as a tool to escape the control of husbands and fathers, to fight for equality in professional cycling.

Culturally yours,



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