PICK OF THE WEEK: Andorra (Pyrenees)

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PICK OF THE WEEK: 7th ­– 13th May, 2018


National Auditorium Season 2018: Jorge Drexler Thursday, 10th May at 21.30h at the National Auditorium, Ordino. (Tickets adult: 25 €). Uruguayan singer-songwriter, Jorge Drexler, returns to the stage with his famously sonorous voice to present his new studio album, his 13th, entitled Salvavidas de Hielo (Lifejackets of Ice). After the successful ‘Bailar en la cueva’, which won him two Latin Grammys (Recording of the Year and Best singer-songwriter) and was nominated for a Grammy Award, Drexler returns to the scene with ‘Salvavidas de hielo’, which includes 11 tracks. His new songs have been recorded with acoustic guitar. Songs full of rhythm, experimentation, melodies and, above all, stunning lyrics. Jorge’s musical story is made up of rhythms and poetry, cumbia and tangos, candombos and sambes, jazz, rock and bossa nova, Brazilian popular music and Caribbean salsa, as well as rap and electronic placing him among the best composers in the Spanish language. He has won prizes such as an Oscar, Goya and Grammy Awards and Latin Grammy nominations and Gold and Platinum records. Musicians taking part: Jorge Drexler (voice and guitars); Martin Leiton (leone, guitarron – outsize Mexican guitar, electric bass and cors); Javi Calequi (guitars and cors); Borja Barrueta (drums, percussion and cors); Carlos Campi Campon (programming, guitars, percussion and cors).


Andorra Opera Season: La Corte de Faraón Saturday 12th at 20.30h & Sunday, 13th May at 18h at the Cultural Centre, Sant Julià de Lòria. (Tickets 32€ or 27€  for young people under 18, from the Cultural Centre): La Corte de Faraón (Pharaoh’s Court) is an operetta by Vincent Lleó performed by Òpera d’Andorra. The Story: This is a comic operetta of a biblical nature that tells the background of José Casto, a very popular slave who is pursued by the ladies of Pharaoh’s court.

WEEK OF CULTURAL DIVERSITY Monday 7th – Sunday, 12th May

All in Andorra la Vella

A photographic exhibition: Sahara, the last colony From 7th – 25th May in the Vestibule of La Llacuna. assembled by the Association of friends in solidarity with the Sahrawi people (ADSAPS) showing the situation of the Sahrawi people in the refugee camps of Tindouf. Never heard of the Sahrawi people or their refugee camps? Check them out. Set up in 1975, today 90,000 are living in The Devil’s Garden in the Sahara Desert where temperatures often reach 50ºC. There’s nothing there but sand. Water and other necessities are supplied by the UNHCR, the camps are organised by the Sahrawi people themselves. Starting in 1975 with 5% literacy, today it is well over 90% with several thousand students having attended universities overseas.

A video: Conviure tots junts (Living all together) Wednesday at 20.30h in La Llacuna. Through the song ‘Conviure tots junts’, written by Quim Salvat, the Comú wants to share who the people of Andorra la Vella are. This is a multinational city where people of different origins, cultures and religions live together and, through the video’s music and pictures, the Comú wants to draw closer to the parish’s cultural diversity. All the people who appear on the video are active members of the parish’s cultural associations and residents of Andorra.

SATURDAY 12th All Day In The Plaça Guillemó:

Gastronomic show: Diversity at the Table. Starting at 12h. Travel around the world without leaving Andorra! Why not taste Chinese noodles, Venezuelan spaghetti, Spring rolls, Ecuadorian beans, Peruvian ceviche raw fish, Extremadura ham or Russian desserts? Do you want to sample a white wine punch with Chilean strawberries or the vinho branco from Portugal? Sit comfortably and try everything you wish! Typical dishes and drinks from: Philippines, Ecuador, Russia, China, Extremadura, Portugal, Venezuela, Chile and Peru. With music from  around the world with Dj Josep Pérez.

Grand Procession: 11.30h Starting at the Plaça del Poble and ending in the Plaça Guillemó. All those participating in the events of the past Week of Diversity will parade through the streets of the Centre Historic with the costumes, flags and banners of their countries.

12h Castellers d’Andorra. Fes pinya /make the pineapple with them. They will be giving you the chance to join in the pinya, the human base on which they will build their castle.

12.30 Soul Dance Gopák by the House of Russia. An exhibition of dance with traditional music.

12.45h Traditional dances of the North of Portugal. The Folklore Group of the Cultural Association of the residents of Alto Minho. Don’t miss this colourful show of popular dances, music and singing and also join in the fun.

13.15h Traditional Andorran folk dancing presented by the infants and juvenile sections of the Esbart Dansaire d’Andorra la Vella.

15.30h Chilean national dances by the Association of Chileans living in Andorra.

16h Caribbean dance wheel with CARIBAND- Association of Caribbean-style dancing. Join the wheel  and dance to the rhythms of Latin music.

18.15h. Exhibition of traditional dances by the Association of Philippine Residents in Andorra.

18.30h Demonstration of Portuguese folklore by the Folklore Group of the House of Portugal. Immerse yourself in the traditional culture of the northern region of Portugal with lively songs and dances.

19h Diversity Concert in the vestibule of La Llacuna.  Once again, the Orfeó Andorrà will close the Cultural Diversity Week’s acts of celebration with a concert of songs from all over the world. (Week organised by the Comú d’Andorra la Vella).


Geographies is an annual project, that presents cultures, countries, territories and areas of knowledge through free conferences, practical workshops, art exhibitions and films. (I presume nearly all will be in Catalan. CA) (Spaces limited for the workshop so registration is essential at 878 178 or [email protected])

All events take place in L’Era d’Ordino.

Photographic exhibition ‘India in a mirror’ Monday 7th – Sunday, 20th May. Photographers Roland and Sabrina Michaud write, “The mirror, this symbol of symbols, was one of our great sources of inspiration: we used it to compare art and life both of the past and the present. We travelled through all the possible visual arts, classical and popular, to familiarize ourselves with the traditions and customs of the countries we visited and we quickly found that our photographs, consciously or not, were just a continuation.” (It is not clear if this exhibition is also at l’Era d’Ordino. Ask at the Tourist Office.)

MONDAY, 7th at 19h: Lecture: India and its context. A challenge for the curious traveller. with Pere Vilanova. A trip to India never leaves one indifferent. It is fascinating, shocking and uncomfortable. Pere Vilanova will talk about the overwhelming diversity of this continent country and will propose some keys to understanding it.

TUESDAY, 8th at 19h: Indian Cinema: La estación de las mujeres (The position of women’ – in Spanish)  directed by Leena Yadav & Zindaji na mileji dobara (‘You only live once’ – in Spanish) directed by Zoya Akhta. There will be light refreshments between films.

WEDNESDAY, 9th. 19h: Lecture Calcutta, a global city, once the capital city of the Raj.  (Now Kolkata) with Ana M. Briongos. The contact between the two cultures, Indian and British, produced a cultural effervescence known as ” Bengali Renaissance”. The city has suffered hunger and has received thousands of refugees. For years it has also had communist governments. It is a modern city, fully grown.

THURSDAY, 10th at 19h: Discussion and exhibition: L’Inde dans un miroir with Roland and Sabrina Michaud. (Probably in French) Discussion with the photographers whose exhibition is on display throughout the cycle and with the participation of Ana M. Briongos. Moderator: Albert Padrol. Roland and Sabrina Michaud are photographers specializing in Asia, the civilizations of Islam, India and China. Authors of thirty books over fifty years of travel, they are members of Akg-images and Rapho agencies, who disseminate their photographs, as well as the Société des gens de Lettres.

FRIDAY, 11th at 19h Conference: Bollywood and off Bollywood. CineAsia with Enrique Garcelán and Gloria Fernández. India, with its 1,200 million inhabitants and 22 official languages, is a cultural and multilingual framework that promotes the presence of different cinematographies, all of them linked by light, colour and music. ChineAsia is a cultural management company established in 2003. Its objective is the promotion of cinema and different Asian cultures. The team is made up of enthusiastic people, from the world of cinema, design and communication.

SATURDAY, 12th at 19h The diversity of India through Kathak dance with Shreyashee Nag. Kathak means telling stories. Kathak dance is the classical dance of northern India. Born in the Hindu sacred temples, it later arrived at the royal courts of the Mughal kings, where it earned great prestige. It incorporates the wisdom of the Sufis and the stories of Hindu mythology.

SUNDAY, 13th at 11h Workshop: Meeting the spices with Deepti Golani. (Remember, space is limited and pre-booking is essential. See above.) The aim of this workshop is to get to know the spices, the main base of Indian gastronomy, their uses outside cooking and some of their cultural aspects. We will also take a look at their origins and the famous Spice Route. The week’s events are organised by the Comú d’Ordino.


25th Edition of the La Massana Flower and Plant Market. Friday, 11th – Sunday, 13th May, All Day (Free) The Comú of la Massana gives special attention to decorating and landscaping its urban spaces and, in general, to floral ornamentation throughout the parish. During the weeks prior to Andoflora, the Department of Gardening works intensively to create a flower-filled and attractive parish. During the Fair the Plaça de les Fontetes will be transformed into a small village with little wooden huts selling plants, gardening equipment, food and decorations.

FRIDAY: All morning: Creation of a mosaic from fruits and vegetables by the schools of La Massana (On Sunday you’ll get to eat it!)

12h Inauguration of the 25th Edition of Andofora. Singing of the song of the Sardana ‘Comapedrosa’,  music by Jaume Casadevall, words by Trini Casadevall and sung by the La Massana choirs of  Coral les Orenetes & la Coral Sant Antoni.

12.30h Taste of floral canapés with complementary wine pairing by  Restaurant la Torrada

17.30h Performance by Líquid Dansa.

17.35h Family workshop Andotact.

18h Performance by the Cor de Roc d’Encamp.

SATURDAY: 11h Opening of the fair with a concert by the pupils of the Escola Francesa de la Massana.

11.15h Children’s Workshop El Planter.

12h & 17h at the Teatre de Les Fontetes, La Massana. (Tickets from http://www.codetickets.com ) De Quin Color és un petó? by l’Escena Nacional d’Andorra. (see above under Family Theatre.)

12h Exhibition of Mukimono Art, the art of Japanese fruit cutting  by Judit Comes of FrutArt.

12.10h Performance by Líquid Dansa.

12.15h Family workshop Andotact.

12.15h Concert by Lady Scarlet & Doc.

17h De Quin Color és un petó? (See above.)

17.30h Exhibition of Mukimono Art, the art of Japanese fruit cutting  by Judit Comes of FrutArt.

17.35h Performance by Líquid Dansa.

17.45h A ‘Castelling’ PerformAnce by the Castellers de Montcada and the Castellers d’Andorra.

SUNDAY: 11h Opening of the Fair.

11.15h A children’s workshop: Accessories made with flowers. 11.20h Enjoy eating the fruit mosaic!

11.30 Theatre performance by the pupils of La Capsa.

11.45h Folk Dance Performance by l’Esbart Dansaire Valls Del Nord.

12.30h. Concert by the Andorra Gospel Cor.

13h Concert by the Grossband of La Massana.

17.30h The results of the votes on the urban flower installations.

18h Distribution of pRizes.

19h An auction in aid of the refugee charity  Obrim-los Obrim-les.  The week’s events organised by the Comú of La Massana.


Avengers: Infinity War. Monday 7th, Wednesday 9th and Thursday, 10th May at 17.30h at the Cinemes Illa Carelamny, Escaldes-Engordany. Directed  by  Anthony Russo &  Joe Russo. Starring:  Robert Downey Jr.,  Chris Hemsworth,  Mark Ruffalo. The Story: As the Avengers and their allies have continued to protect the world from threats too large for any one hero to handle, a new danger has emerged from the cosmic shadows: Thanos. A despot of intergalactic infamy, his goal is to collect all six Infinity Stones, artefacts of unimaginable power, and use them to inflict his twisted will on all of reality. Everything the Avengers have fought for has led up to this moment – the fate of Earth and existence itself has never been more uncertain.


Organised by l’Associació Andorra de Vehicles Antics (AAVA).

(Booking for participants must be made by email [email protected] or phone 335 798 or 861 797.)

SATURDAY: 9h – 12h at the Prat Gran, Encamp. The events will begin with the coming together and exhibition of the participating vehicles. (Inclusive cost of taking part is 80€)

12h The Participants will leave in a motorcade from Encamp to drive through Escaldes-Engordany and Andorra la Vella returning to Prat Gran, Encamp at 13h.

13h This will be followed by the Concourse d’Elegance as well as various other activities.

14h A meal for the Participants with a typical Andorran menu.

16h A second motorcade will leave heading for La Massana, Ordino, and on to Canillo via the Coll d’Ordino where there will be a visit to the Motorcycle Museum.

SUNDAY: 9h at Prat Gran A chance for the public to inspect the cars. Plus a gymkhana of driving skills, which will also be held in Prat Gran.

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