The P4 is an unarmoured off-road vehicle used by the military of France. It was manufactured by Peugeot but is now manufactured by Panhard. It is to be replaced with the PVP by Panhard. The P4 is a derivative of the Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen military version built under license by Peugeot for the French military. Peugeot did not have a licence to export the vehicle anywhere else than to the countries bound to France by defence agreements.

P4P Version

The P4 P (P4 Protégé, “protected P4”) is an armoured version, with 80 units built in the 1990s. An armored version was made at the request of Peugeot by CBH Institutions (Constructions Blindées of Hardricourt).

This version has been evaluated by the French Army and commissioned by the Navy for the Protection of sensitive sites. Five different versions were produced.

P4 CBH AKIS 2400


P4 CBH 3120

The four digits at the end of the name signify the three wheelbases of 2,400, 2,850, or 3,120 mm (94.5, 112.2, or 122.8 in) that were available. Some P4 armored CBH have been manufactured for use in Lebanon.

An operation Manufacturer and the GIGN was conducted in November 1988 for testing rolling over 24 hours. The P4 Shielded CBH AKIS blue police carried out the range of 1000 km to the average of 134.5 km per hour and the total distance of 3180 km in 24 hours is an average of 132.5 km / hour with 4 men on board. The engine was a 2.5-litre turbo exchanger amended by CBH, which had an output of 150 hp.

Saumur museum of armored vehicles

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