Peugeot Coach Type 174 from 1924, four cylinders, 3828 cc, 75 HP, 100 km/h. Bodied by Jean Henri-Labourdette.

Jean Henri-Labourdette was one of the first builders of bodies for automobiles (1858-1939). The first body for an automobile attributed to Henri Labourdette was built in 1896.

Famous customers, such as L.A.R “Les Infants D’Espagne” and then later on King Alphonso XIII, Empress Eugenie, numerous Russian princes or René de Knyff, Panhard & Levassor’s director, confirm the Labourdette’s excellent reputation.

The Peugeot Type 174, also known at the time and normally advertised simply according to its fiscal horse power as the Peugeot 18HP, was a large, powerful sedan made by Peugeot from 1923 to 1926. The Type 174 S was made until 1926. The engine displaced 3828 cc, large and low-revving for a four-cylinder engine, and produced a not inconsiderable 85 horsepower at 1900 rpm. The sport version sold 208 examples compared to 810 for the standard version.

In October 1924 at the 19th Paris Motor Show the price quoted by the manufacturer for a Peugeot Type 174 in bare chassis form was 54,000 francs. The sport version was priced in bare chassis form at 56,000 francs.

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