Peugeot Bébé (France, 1913). Mosfilm studio museum

Peugeot Bébé (France, 1913). Mosfilm studio museum, Moscow.

Took part in the movies “The Fall of the Empire,” “Love, One, Love,” “Love to you, as a disaster”

The Peugeot Bébé or Baby was a small car nameplate from Peugeot made from 1905 to 1916. Vehicles under this name were known technically within Peugeot as the Type 69 and the Type BP1.

The original Bébé first appeared at the Paris Motor Show in 1904 and greatly impressed attendees as a modern and robust creation that was cheap, small, and practical. Its weight was 350 kilograms (770 lb) and length was 2.7 metres (110 in), and these tiny dimensions meant that its small engine could propel it to 40 kilometres per hour (25 mph).

Though selling price was deliberately kept as low as possible, technologies like rack and pinion steering and a driveshaft instead of a chain were included in the vehicle. Production began in Audincourt in 1905, and the car proved to be popular. Bébé sold 400 units in the first year, or 80 percent of Peugeot’s production. It was also exported, particularly to Britain. The Type 69 was sold only during 1905.

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