Petit-Pont-Cardinal-Lustiger bridge in Paris

The Petit-Pont-Cardinal-Lustiger (simply named Petit-Pont before 2013) is one of 37 bridges across the Seine in Paris (France) near Notre-Dame, the current structure of which was built in 1853.

It links the 4th arrondissement and the Île de la Cité, with the 5th arrondissement, between quai de Montebello and quai Saint-Michel.

Le Petit-Pont is served by RER line C at Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame station, by the line 4 at Saint-Michel station of the Paris metro, as well as by RATP bus lines 24 and 47.

Designed by the architect Alexandre Michal, and built by Ernest Gariel, the present Petit Pont was begun in 1852 to provide more adequate clearance between the water and the bridge. Thus, the three arches were reduced to one. This new bridge was opened to traffic in 1853.

Next upstream: Pont au Double

Next downstream: Pont Saint-Michel

Design: Michal (architect), Gariel (constructor)
Total length: 32 metres (105 ft)
Width: 20 metres (66 ft)
Construction start: 1853
Construction end: 1853
Opened: 1853

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