Patriarch Ponds

Patriarch Ponds is the common name of the area located in the Presnensky District of the Central Administrative District of Moscow, which includes a pond, a square and a micro-district. The micro-district is located near the Garden Ring between Malaya Bronnaya Street, Bolshoi Patriarchal, Maly Patriarchal and Ermolaevsky lanes.

The area of the pond is 9900 m², and its depth is 2.5 meters. The park complex occupies 2.2 hectares, of which 6323 m² are allocated to paths and playgrounds, and 7924 m² to green spaces.

Until the 17th century, this territory was occupied by the Goat Bog, which gave its name to Bolshoy and Maly Kozikhinsky lanes. The toponym means that there used to be several ponds in this place. Near the reservoirs, goats were bred, the wool of which was supplied to the royal court. From the goat swamp flowed the Chertoriy stream and the left tributaries of the Presnya River – the Kabanka and the Bubna, which formed the Presnensky Ponds on the territory of the Moscow Zoo.

At the beginning of the 17th century, this place became the residence of Patriarch Hermogenes. On the site of the swamp, the Patriarchal Sloboda was formed, which included the Church of Yermolai the Hieromartyr and the Church of Spyridon of Trimifuntsky. In 1683, Patriarch Joachim ordered the draining of the swamps and the digging of three fishponds. These three ponds gave the name to Tryokhprudny Lane, which was previously called “Three Ponds.” After the abolition of the patriarchate, the ponds were abandoned, and the area became swampy again. In Presnensky Ponds, expensive varieties of fish were bred for the patriarchal table, and cheap ones were bred in the Goat Bog.

After the fire of 1812, three ponds of the former Patriarchal Sloboda were filled up, and only the Patriarchal one remained. It was cleaned, ennobled and laid out around a small square – Boulevard of the Patriarch Pond.

In 2003, the Patriarch Ponds and the surrounding square were reconstructed: the banks were strengthened, trees were planted, sidewalks were paved, and the pond was cleared of debris and silt. The Patriarch Ponds were classified as cultural heritage sites in the same year.

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