Passion is stronger than fear, said the fastest female skier in the world, setting a descent record of 247.083 km/h

Passion is stronger than fear, said the fastest female skier in the world, setting a descent record of 247.083 km/h

The fastest female skier in the world (setting a record in downhill S1 and S2 at 247.083 km/h) and winner of all the world championships in her category since 2013, Valentina Greggio, 28 years old, is known for her core strength, perfect technique and a very cool head. Following the competitions in Andorra, the athlete told about her impressions from the “cosmic” speeds, without, however, revealing her secrets about technique:

“I’ve been skiing since I was 3 years old. Once in the summer of 2011, the actual coach of the Italian Speedski Team asked me if I wanted to try speed skiing (skiing in a straight line at the highest speed possible, calculated on a certain segment of the ski slope, the speed of skiers normally exceeds 200 kilometers per hour or 125 miles per hour).

In the winter of 2012, I tried it and since that moment it started… (already during her first year, Valentina had been skiing at a speed of 172.4 km/h).

Going at such high speeds is dangerous but also delightful. But I think that for me passion is the strongest feeling. There is also some fear too but it isn’t a limiting factor.

Of course, there are some secrets about the technique that help me to win. But if these are secrets I can’t tell you about them. I can only say that professional sport is a lot of work and training. And each year does not end on its own, it becomes a part of the next years.

During the summer, I improve my technique, work on the aerodynamic position and I train without skis (I run in the gym, I ride a bicycle, etc.). I also try to study something new about materials.

When the first snow falls (which I always look forward to) I start ski training. In northern Italy, where I live, we have no speed ski slopes. That’s why every year I try to train in Andorra or in France, in Vars. Sometimes I train in Cervinia (Italy) as well.

I believe in what I do and I know that to do my best, discipline is necessary but for me, it is not an obsession. I try to have fun doing what I do.

In addition to speed skiing, I run, I play tennis, I do mountaineering, I practice skimo, kayaking, biking, skiroll (ski on wheels) and, of course, skiing. A do a lot of sport, but not at a high level like for speed skiing.

I like competing in Andorra. Real professionals and excellent organizers work here. I like the country so much and all the people because all of them are friendly and of course I’ll come back to Andorra because it is one of my favourite race places.

Andrew Winer

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