Parking prices in Andorra la Vella increase in 2017: from 1.15 euro per hour to 1.80 euros per hour, reports Andorra la Vella City Hall

parking-andorra-2017Parking prices in Andorra la Vella, Andorra (Pyrenees), increase in 2017: from 1.15 euros per hour to 1.80 euros per hour, reports Andorra la Vella City Hall. The prices for water usage will also increase: from 0.26 euros per cubic meter to 0.29 euros per cubic meter.

It was noted that the Andorran capital budget revenues in 2016 had increased by 7.68% due to the increase in the number of transactions for the sale of property and payment of the relevant taxes. This trend will continue in the future, reports City Hall.

Andorra la Vella budget for 2017 will amount up to EUR 37.5 million, which is 7.7% more than in 2016. Investment projects will increase by 39% to EUR 6.4 million. Among the most important projects – improvement of the main street Avinguda Meritxell.

For these purposes Andorra la Vella plans to invest about 1 million euros. Additional 250,000 euros will be allocated to improve street lightening. Investments in the water purification system will be about 800,000 euros.

City administration employment salaries will also increase in 2017 by 1.5%.

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