Panhard Levassor Break (four places) from 1895 with 6 HP

Panhard Levassor Break (four places) from 1895, motor Daimler “Phoenix”, 6 HP, 25 km/h. Took part in the Paris – Marseille racing in 1896.

A Phoenix was also the first automobile entered in a race by Emil Jellinek, under the pseudonym of “Mercedes”. The name “Mercedes”, later to become known worldwide, initially served only as a driver or team name, however, and not as a product or brand name.

Panhard was a French motor vehicle manufacturer that began as one of the first makers of automobiles. It was a manufacturer of light tactical and military vehicles. Its final incarnation, now owned by Renault Trucks Defense, was formed by the acquisition of Panhard by Auverland in 2005, and then by Renault in 2012. In 2018 Renault Trucks Defense, ACMAT and Panhard combined under a single brand, Arquus.

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