Paige Jewett 6-45 Sedan “Cavalier”. White version

Paige Jewett 6-45 Sedan “Cavalier”. Made in USA in 1927, 6 cyl., 50 hp, 4.100 cc.

The Jewett was an automobile built in Detroit, Michigan by the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company from March 1922 through December 1926. The Jewett was named after Harry M. Jewett, president of Paige-Detroit.

After the first 17 months of production, approx. 40,000 vehicles were sold. The car was marketed as a Jewett ‘Six’ — a companion to the Paige, the primary product of Paige-Detroit.

The 1922-24 cars had a 50 h.p. Jewett motor, the 1925 cars had a 55 h.p. Jewett motor and the 1926 cars had a 40-hp Continental motor. For several years, Jewett cars featured a powerful straight-six engine that could climb mountains. The last of the vehicles were available with hydraulic brakes.

The company was purchased by the Graham Brothers on January 3, 1927, and the Jewett became a Paige, for that year only. The car was then rebranded as a Graham-Paige for 1928 only.

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