Our season ski pass allows more than 80 days of skiing at about 60 resorts in the world, says commercial director of the Spanish resort Masella, Maite Marti i Pla

For the fifth consecutive year, Masella (the second most visited ski resort in Catalonia and fourth in Spain) offers an exclusive customer loyalty program – owners of a season’s ski pass in Macella can visit about 60 other ski resorts around the world for free. On the corporate program, commercial director Masella, Maite Marti i Pla told all-andorra.com:

“In a month – in the middle of November – we will begin the ski season 2018-2019. This year we have increased the number of ski stations where our clients, owners of a season’s ski passes, can spend from 1 to 3 days. It is not only about Europe, but also about North and South America and Asia. Last season, the owners of our season’s ski pass could spend an additional day in the ski resorts of the French Pyrenees (Saint Lary and Artouste), 3 days at the Italian ski resort (Abruzzo, Bolognola ski), three days at the American resorts Purgatory, Sipapu, Hesperus, Colorado, Snowbow and even in Japan – 3 days at the ski resort Kiroro.

According to our program, in the Pyrenees, you can also spend 1 day at the ski resorts: Port del Comte, Boí Taüll, Font-Romeu, Cambre d’Aze with our season’s pass. At the ski resorts Grand Tourmalet, Cauterets, Gourette, La Piere Saint-Martin, Luz Ardiden, Peraygudes, Piau Engaly and Pic du Midi, our clients can spend 2 days.

In the Iberian Peninsula, you can spend a day at the ski resorts of Puerto de Navacerrada, Valdesqui and Alto Campoo, or 2 days at the ski resort of Sierra Nevada.

There are also several ski resorts in the Alps: with the Masella ski pass you can spend 1 day in the Monterosa resort (Italy), 2 days in the Turracher Höhe resort (Austria), 3 days in La Clusaz (France), 5 non-several ski resorts in Germany under a single brand Berge & Co, Disentis 3000 (Switzerland) and Gospodarska zbronica Slovenjie (Slovenia). Our customers can also discover the Finnish ski resort (Yllas), 1 day, as well as the Andes – three days at the ski resorts of Laderas-Cerro Perito Moreno, Catedral and La Plava. And finally, spend 3 days in the US ski resorts – Monarch Mountain and Sunlight.

The offer can be used once per ski season, which lasts more than 80 days.

The price of the season’s pass 2018-2019 will be 560 euros. A one-day ski pass at each of the listed ski resorts costs 30-35 euros. So this is more than just an interesting suggestion.

This year, we also have our regular customers and guests for night skiing – it will be available from December to March (Thursday and Saturday every week). ”


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